Introduction: Mail Bot UX Design

This is a robot that screams at you when you have mail.

You need glue and tape

Step 1: Body

Cut a 6’ by 8’ piece of paper out and fold on the horizontal lines to create a box with the sides open.

The full line is where the arms go later on*

The dotted lines on the third row are the recommended places for the legs*

Step 2: Legs

Fold 3 4’ x 2’ piece of paper horizontally then vertically down the middle.

Step 3: Legs Part 2

With your previously folded paper, fold the edges to create a v with an edge. With the three legs glue them on the bottom side of the initial box created to make a tripod.

Step 4: Arms

For the arms cut out a 2’ x4’ piece of paper and folding horizontally

Step 5: Arm Part 2

With the previously folded paper cut out a v in the middle making sure not to sever them, and cutting a flap on the side to attach to the body.

Step 6: Put It All Together

Attach the legs to the indicated dashes in step one, and attach the flap of the arms to the body of the robot. This may take some adjustments to make stand up.