Introduction: Mailbox Repair

About: Professional fabricator and certified welder

1- Arc welder / Gas Torch Welder
1 - Angle Grinder Or Rotary Tool
1 - Can Of Spray Paint to match your box

If your mailbox is a little on the rough side because of the cable repair or lawn maintenance guys this is for you. Assuming you do not wish to spend ~ 350$ for a new all steel mailbox you can easily fix yours if you have any type of welder and a grinder and some spray paint

Step 1: Preparation of Weld

Grind all surfaces around what is going to be welded . Clean all paint and rust from the area about a 1/4 to 1/2 inch. Be sure to bring a spot for your grounding clip .

Step 2: Tack and Weld

Weld all places that sheered off and be generous with the application use a 7018 Electrode for easier application.

Step 3: Enjoy Your New Sturdy Box

Now you can go crack a cold one and tell the wife you fixed the mailbox without spending all that money. Remember to spray paint after you chip the flux to prevent oxidation and rust!