Introduction: Maine Lighthouse Shadowbox

things you need:

some heavy white paper

some tissue paper

a shadow box frame (about 2 inches deep)


2 -120 Ohm resisters (your project may require a slightly different value)

12 volt power supply

female connector

Exacto Blade

glue stick

hot glue gun

small piece of foam board (like you use for a school project)

solder iron and solder

a printed circuit board

Note: you don't have to spend a lot of money on this project i just used what i had around the house and what i had to buy i got CHEAP. I had some LED from another project that i bought online for pennies, I get all my power supplies from the Goodwill store - never paid more than a buck or two.

Step 1: Create the Layers

i used a photo of the Portland Headlight that i took recently. I traced the layers in Photoshop and cut out the layers on a Silhouette Cameo ( you can also cut the layers with a knife)

I made3 layers of cloud, 3 layers for the different building of the lighthouse and 3 layer for the rock in the foreground.

you can use whatever photo or drawing you like.

Step 2: Stack It Up and Put It Together

created spacer by cutting 3/8 foam board into 1/4 wide strips.

start with a piece of tissue paper, then glue the first layer to it. Cut the spacer to length and glue to the first layer. continue alternating layers and spacer until all the layers are glue together.

Step 3: Light It Up

there are plenty of web sites that will tell you the correct resisters to use - just Google "led calculator"

These are RBG LEDs, but you will only need 3 red and 3 blue so you can cut off the leads that are not needed. the long lead is ground so don't cut that one!.

The circuit board can (somewhat) easily be score with a razor and snapped off into piece just right for the LEDs to be soldered into.

For the LED that goes behind the lighthouse, cover the majority of the bulb with shrink tubing or electrical tape, leaving just the tip exposed. this will give a nice spot light effect for the light house.

Solder the LEDs to the boards and then solder the wires and the female connector for the power supply

Step 4: Almost Done

Glue a sheet of white paper to the bottom of the shadow box.

measure the depth of the box and the thickness of your stack of layers.

cut spacer to make everything flush with the top of the box.

in this case 2" deep - 1 1/2 " thickness = 1/2" of spacers needed.

Glue the spacer to the four side of the box.

Glue the LEDs where desired.

bend the LED behind the lighthouse at a 90 degree angle so it is parallel and place as close to the tissue paper as you can. this will create the "light house" effect.

Step 5: Finished

That is it. plug it in and enjoy.

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