Introduction: Majic Boat Origami Instructions

A simple & easy way to get amazed by a piece of paper

Step 1: Fold Paper in Half.

Do so as perfectly as possible!!. Don't worry I know its hard..

Step 2: Unfold. Now Fold the Paper in Half From the Other Side

You should get to see the "+" sign and paper divided in 4 parts.

Step 3: Unfold. Now Fold the Top and Bottom Crease to the Center.

This should look like a door

Step 4: Unfold . Now Rotate the Paper and Make Another Door From the Remaining Sides

You're paper should now be divided into 16 parts. Like a small chessboard!!

Step 5: Now Unfold the Paper Entirely and Fold It Diagonally

You should a get a triangle after folding the paper like this

Step 6: Unfold and Do for the Other Two Corners

You should get another triangle from this.

Step 7: Now Take Each Corner and Fold It to the Centre

You should get a square after doing this to all the corners

Step 8: Now With the Non-color Side Up,from Top and Bottom Fold to the Middle Line

You should a get a rectangle from this or Door, whatever floats your Boat!!

Step 9: Rotate the Paper 90 Deg So That You Have Short Edges on Top and Bottom

Step 10: From the Top Half Take the Inside Corners and Fold Them Along the Diagonal As Shown. Hold It

Carefully follow the next step.

Step 11: Push the Top Middle Part As Shown to the Center. It Should Look Like the Base of a Boat

It can also be identified as a rooftop.

Step 12: Rotate 180 and Do This Too Other Side Too

You should get a hexagon now

Step 13: Now Rotate the Paper 90 Deg and Take Top Left and Bottom Left and Fold Along the Diagonal Crease

Good going, almost there!!

Step 14: Flip Over, Take Bottom Right As Shown Corner and Flip Along the Diagonal Crease/line

One more step

Step 15: Turn It Upwards and You're Finished

Enjoy your magic boats. Just don't put it in water....