Introduction: Majora's Mask Face Paint

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This was just a random fun look to do. I liked that I got to play with so many colors! Please help support my art by subscribing to my youtube page! and please feel free to drop some suggestions on my next look! <3

Step 1: Outline

First thing I did is take my white eyeliner pencil and sketch out what I wanted to do. If you have seen my Instructables before you know I do this ALL the time. =P

Step 2: Red

Most of the face is red, so I took a red body paint from Mehron called berry and filled in the red sections. I made sure not to put it where other colors would be going because I didn't want to muddy the look up. This is where the white eyeliner comes in handy. haha.

Step 3: Purple

Taking a purple body paint from Mehron called lilac I filled in where the purple should be going, and then I took a darker purple from Mehron called purple and added it to the edges and pulled in to create an hombre effect.

Step 4: White Lines

The mask has white lines on it so I took a white body paint from Mehron on a detailed brush and painted on the lines.

Step 5: Black Marks

I took black body paint from Mehron on a detailed brush and added the dots and dashes to the forehead and down the chin.

Step 6: Green

There is a little bit of green on the side of the mask so I took light green body paint from Mehron and put it on the side of the face, then I took a dark green body paint and faded it into that light green.

Step 7: Orange

There is a little orange on the top of the mask so I took a light orange color and put it on the top.

Step 8: Yellow

I used a yellow body paint from Mehron to add the triangles above the eye section

Step 9: Outline and Details

I used a black body paint to outline the orange square and add some lines inside them.

Step 10: More Outlines

I used back body paint to outline between all the colors to separate them

Step 11: Highlight

Using white body paint I highlighted around the whole face

Step 12: Eyes

I used green, yellow, and orange body paint to fill in the eyes

Step 13: Detail Eyes

taking black i outlined the green and added a pupil

Step 14: Black

I used black to cover the rest of my face and ears

Step 15: Horns

to make the horns i used white then took yellow and painted that on top, last i took matte black eyeshadow to shadow under the horns

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