Maka's Scythe, Soul in Weapon Form

Introduction: Maka's Scythe, Soul in Weapon Form

So this past con my girl friend wanted to go as Maka from soul eater and of course she wanted Soul to carry around with her, so she asks me with a puppy dog face if I can make the Sycthe. Well this is what came from it cause it turned out so well and so many people asked how we made it at the con. Enjoy.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Installation Foam 3/4
News Paper
Craft Glue
Cardboard wine container
Spray Paint
1/2 PVC Pipe
Modeling Clay
Duck Tape (Always need Duck tape!)

Jig saw (You don't need it but it will make it look better and easier)
Large Knife (Serrated will be best this is used for cutting the PVC)
Drill with hole saw bit's 5/8 and 1' 1/2"
Pipe cutters (or a saw that can cut PVC cleanly)
Process for Paper macheing
Paint brushes (you'd think to be obvious ,but we all know someone who wouldn't think of it and if you don't then it's you.)
Crafting Knife/Utility Knife
Sand Paper
Hot glue gun

Step 2: First Things First Cut Your Pipe. Sorry Guys This One Hurts.

Okay simple thing Cut the pipe all you do is cut the pipe to the height you want. Mine was 5.6, but my girlfriend is 5 feet tall so maybe a half a foot taller then you.
Also for this step take the lid of your cardboard wine carrier off if it has a rope on it cut it off. (You can find cardboard wine carriers at craft stores)

Step 3: Filling in the Wine Carrier

So if you couldn't tell from the last step picture the wine carrier is going to be where your eye is. I choose the wine carrier because I wanted to show off that eye plus its something bigger to connect to the blade.
You will hate this part it sucks. So take your Installation foam and cut 15 circles out with the serrated knife (you can get a hole saw for this to save yourself some trouble). Sand these down so they go in easier to the wine carrier.
Now take the 5/8 hole saw and cut out a circle in the middle of each of the circles. Mark the middle so you know you are right or you may have to do some of them twice. These should now look like doughnuts.
Now glue and slide in each one in one at a time stopping every few doughnuts and putting the pipe in making sure it fits.

Step 4: Cutting the and Connecting the Blade

Alright for this you will need to draw the blade shape you want and cut it out with the Jig saw. You can also cut out the piece adjacent to the blade at this point too.
Now for the holes on the other piece. Draw a line down the middle of it so your circles come out the same line. now draw three lines parallel to each other intersecting the original line these will be the centers of your three holes. Take the 1' 1/2" hole saw and drill out the three holes.
To connect them take the wine carrier and draw a line down one side and the other side. The lines should match each other perfectly or at least really close. Take the blade and connect it on the line with hot glue then duck tape for a tight hold. Then do the same on the other piece on the opposite side the same way
Remember that none of this needs to be perfect because this will be paper mached

Step 5: Bolt on Top

The bolt on top was a detail i almost missed but i was able to make it fairly easily.
First take the lid of you wine carrier and cut off the smaller piece that would go inside the whole carrier. Then cut out another one of those circles from step 3. Instead of cutting another circle out cut about and inch out of the center of it and glue it to the carrier lid then tape and glue that piece to the top of the rest of the container.

Step 6: Paper Mache

Now to Paper mache everything except the pipe. This is long and drawn out messy process. Enjoy. Oh this will take about a day so plan for it.

Step 7: Spray Paint

This was my favorite part. For the Pipe I used metallic silver spray paint that in my girl friends words made it shiny. Oh before you spray take the modeling clay to plug the bottom of the pipe (it doesn't matter which end you use).
The blade you are going to want to tape exactly where you want the triangles and the Eye piece. Now spray paint the black part of the blade so it stands out against the Black in the eye.
Now uncover the the Eye piece and cover what you just painted the black and spray paint the Eye piece and none metallic gray/sliver

Step 8: Hand Painting

Painting the Triangles is easy if you covered them right cause now you just paint the part that isn't black yet
Draw out the eye on both sides then paint. You'll want to take your time on this or it will look like crap.

Step 9: Little Piece Under the Eye

If you look really close you can see a small piece with black triangle going around it under the eye that this step
I took a lid to a mason jar drew two more circles in the installation and cut them out and glue them together. Next paper mache the small piece let it dry then spray it the same color as the eye piece. After that paint the triangles. Put the pipe in the Eye piece then slide the small piece up the pipe and attach it. to the eye piece

Step 10: Completeion and Celebration

So to finish you just put the pine in and glue at the top and sides. WARNING if you made the blade large then it will be to heavy to hold on with glue. Now you can just not glue and have a removable pipe for travel. You can do what i plan on doing when we retire the Scythe I'm going to drill two hole very very small holes and put a metal rod in the holes as locking pins then taping them into place. then repainting. Also don't try to glue then decide to make it removable it will loosen the grip on the pipe and make it slide like crazy. But, it is time to celebrate because you are done.

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    6 years ago

    can you give directions on how to make it


    Reply 6 years ago

    Ummm thats what is in the 10 steps. Unless you're asking for directions for another scythe? Not sure what you're asking me haha


    6 years ago

    im 12 and so exited to make a scythe for my friend who is turning 14


    7 years ago on Introduction

    any other soul weapons you could make? Like death the kid's guns or BlackStars sickle


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I can but I'm still in college so time is hard to come by unless some one commissioned them it be kinda hard to do dig out the time. Sorry Saul. If I find the time I will cause this is one of my favorite animes and I love the weaponry.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    so can I do the same? Cuz I'm only 14

    And I don't have the tools


    Reply 7 years ago

    Well most cutting you can do with a knife, but you need something to cut the PVC pipe. You can do this with with serrated knifes but it will be a long drawn out process. Also it's so cool you are doing this at 14!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I'm making a scythe and you gave me some great ideas. it saved me a lot a time .