Make 10 Feet Long Collapsible Wings From Scratch




Introduction: Make 10 Feet Long Collapsible Wings From Scratch

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In India we don’t celebrate “Holloween” but have own

regional festivals, I live in “Kokan” region where we celebrate “Holi & Shimga festival” in between March &April. We believe “shimga” clean/kills our evil thoughts and we pray to keep away all evil thoughts from mankind. This is 2 days festival, At first day evening we burn some wood in memory of “Holika” and hope evil thoughts will burn with fire. Next night we dress like anything - animals, robot, beggar, warrior, film character etc,(mostly Its look like fancy dress party) and visit each house in village and try to entertain them by dancing with our own band we carry and in return our villagers offer us chocolate, fruits, money etc. we take all what they give to us.

For this festival last year my brother suggests me to make “pilot with wings” so we come with simple plan and make 10 feet long collapsible wings. For this wings we use some pvc pipe and bamboo strips, green cloth we found around, but this project can easily built entirely from bamboo itself. One hour is sufficient to complete this project.

Step 1: Material Required

½”PVC pipe/Bamboo – 2 X 56” long

PVC pipe or bamboo- 2X19” long

PVC pipe or bamboo- 2X24” long

1” wide Bamboo strip – 2 X 25” long

2” wide Bamboo strip- 2 X 50” long

½” wide bamboo sticks-2 X 5” long

Light weight cloth- 8’ x 10’ long

M8 bolt- M8 X 40mm long- 4 EA

Some threads, Hacksaw, file

Drill m/c , sewing machine (both optional)

Step 2: Construction

There are basic 02 parts,

1. stationary- which rest on back and support remaining structure.

2. Movable links

There are 02 hinge point at each side.

Step 3: Back Frame

Make back rest frame which we will wear as backpack.

Measure your back width and construct frame which fit on your back.

Step 4: Add Wing Links and Control Link

Wing links are 50" long.

First drill 02 holes- one at end and other in middle. and then bolt all hinge parts.

Step 5: Covering

After bolting all parts together cover the wings with cloth, you can sew wings if you have sewing machine. I just sew cloth at some points and try to give wing shape.

Painting is optional but it will definitely add nice effect.

Step 6: Installation and Testing

I don,t have any installation pic. but Just tie back rest structure in cross pattern means when you keep structure on back then tie a thread from right shoulder to left waist and second thread from left shoulder to right waist. Cross pattern tie hold structure much firmly.

Step 7: Conclusion

As you all know this is not "Halloween" costume but Its all about collapsible wings.

Hope someone will add it to costume.


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    Just4Fun Media
    Just4Fun Media

    7 years ago

    That is quite the contraption! Great instructable, you totally deserved my vite!

    Have a great day! :-)

    bhavik zure
    bhavik zure

    Reply 7 years ago

    Thanks for your appreciation,