Introduction: Make 3D Quilling Character

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Hi Guys! I'm back..
Lets see want i want today..
hmmm... a cute doll right? Let's make it !

Step 1: Tools and Material

Same as before project we made the doll with "kokoru craft paper"
Ok, the tools is :
1. Scissor
2. Some glue (u need power glue to)
And the most imporant is "kokoru craft paper"

ok we already to go next step~

Step 2: 2 Big Part

2 Big part here is..

1. (pict 1) The Head
2. (pict 2) The Body

Go make 2 big part on pict and go to next step :v

Step 3: #1 Make the Head

Let's make the head

1. Take the head component
2. glue the head with the hair
3. Add some white paper for acc of hair
4. For the eyes and other acc lets see in final step :)

U have done with head.. lets go to the body

Step 4: #2 Make the Body

This only two pict.. frist is the body component and the second is body with acc.. u can do it right? just glue some acc :v

Step 5: #3 Finally

Congrast u now at the final step ?
Ok just glue the body and the head and search good back for the photo.. Finish u have the doll~

Thank u for reading this project u can contact me at :

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With love Tandrodi ♡

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