Introduction: Make a Base Under Your Deck

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Yo, so I've got a deck about a meter and a half above the ground. With a storage compartment under the deck. So I was outside and decided to make a base under the deck because we NEVER use it.

Step 1: Spring Cleaning

So first, go under your deck and see how bad it looks under there. Then, either get rid of or move to the side the stuff you won't be needing.

Step 2: Entrance/Exit

So now if your deck had an entrance then it will be easy for you to get in. But it will also be able to find easily. So you got a find an entrance that no one will know about, or make one. I found a window in there, leading to my siblings room. I'm gonna make something out of that.

Step 3: Entrance/Exit Pt 2

If you have a window like mine, make a landing platform so you've got something to step on. Now make a way to go back the way you came in (window or not).

Step 4: Lighting.

Now you'll need some lights. I've got a portable light that hangs up like a picture does. If you don't have a portable light, you might want to use some Xmas lights if there's a plug near by.

Step 5: MANCAVE TIME!!!!!

Now that your done with the main stuff, it's time to put the stuff in that makes it cool! Stuff you might want to put in: • Fold-up chairs • Air conditioning • Stuff from your attic • Old TV that still works • Etc. Well now that you're done with, please tell me in the comments. Be sure to check out my other projects, such as Turn Your Room Into An Undercover Operation and Bat-Signal. Thanks! BK12

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