Make a Bench From Chair




Introduction: Make a Bench From Chair

All photos and description gets from Design Of Furniture

Hi, i want to share with you The bench making with your old chairs, i hope you will like my work.
Let's Start;

Step 1:

3 side by side, put the chair, raise your cushions to use in another project. After all, the house is no longer what the wood painting, furniture renovation returned to the dump because of love.

drill holes in the marked locations on and off before the long screws bonds.
the rear side of a piece of wood to support strobes.

income as armrests ... stairs beneath the tank, but the fact is between the right and left eye, front armrest going to do something. Take it out of the back portion of the non-folding wooden chairs thrown into the garden. chair ties with screws and nails.

Lumber cut the same size as each other's seat ... you add at the front side of the oval shape, whether you cut with the jigsaw, you'd assembled chairs.

Step 2:

Repair of furniture part is over, we're painting the chapter ...
architect, engineers, carpenters and higher employee work successfully, smoothly finished higher.
time and enamel matrix ...

the first trial, the first cries, the first time to regret ...
"What have I done, or" time ...
"I wonder if you delete the exits" time ...

Step 3:

particularly the fact that the closed two coats of paint, it was like I wanted. I took one more floor, paint, enamel matrix matte white ...
I do not like bright. I do not like the fact that the milk-white.
so I added a few drops of dye into the wood of coffee with milk.
What happened to the gray ... broken a few drops of white ..

Step 4:

put back parts of the laser-cut wood sconces.
carpenter glue and small nails used high.

Step 5:

varnish, paint or anything that does not want to.
I think this is the most beautiful part of the ...
No sanding, no varnish, easy to work ... so ...
bench in brackets painted and finished ...

enjoy my drink our coffee family have created a beautiful place ...
guests from home, this corner of the garden was the venue of the second lot of pictures taken by ...

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    6 years ago

    Wow, what language is this??


    Reply 6 years ago

    LOL, I kept re-reading the SAME darn sentence OVER and OVER wondering the exact same thing! Well, at least there are pictures. Maybe it's some sort of auto translated set of instructions, "engrish." This so made my day even though it was annoying at first. VERY annoying. I wonder if the original language was Russian...