Make a Crazy Chemical Reaction

Introduction: Make a Crazy Chemical Reaction

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Hi, This is my first Instructable but just because of that doesn't mean you shouldn't leave harsh comments I would really like to know what you think, I am open to suggestions if you have any. This was NOT my idea my friend told me about it and I couldn't find it on this site so I decided to post it Now this Instructable based upon a chemical reaction between tin foil and toilet bowl cleaner. Now I'm not sure if any other toilet bowl cleaner will work the one you should use is The works toilet bowl cleaner. I haven't tried any thing else so please DON"T ask me what works and what does not. But I am willing to Answer any other question(s) you may have. And just to let you know I pulled the pics of google.

Disclaimer: one last thing don't do anything stupid okay do NOT hold me responsible for your own stupidity. first of all do not try this if you live in a heavily populated area because it sounds like a shotgun going off. This is not a fiery explosion (like pictured below) or anything its just really loud and the bottle goes flying...

Step 1: Get Your Stuff

You will need
This small activity doesn't require much but you will need

  • Gatorade bottle (it will work with any bottle but Gatorade is the best because it is thick)
  • The works toilet bowl cleaner
  • tin foil
  • common sense

well that's all you need. Now lets move on

Step 2: Prepping the Bottle and Tin Foil

Okay now drink up all the Gatorade in the bottle then set that aside. Now take a piece of tin foil and roll it into a ball they don't need to be perfect in fact don't make them perfect but don't make them like squares or anything. You will need about four or five of them. Once you are done rolling them put them into a bottle.

Step 3: Pour in the Works

YAY almost done. Now pour in a cup or two of The works toilet bowl cleaner put the cap on twist and run not that far away but not to close. Because remember this stuff is a chemical so it is a bit corrosive have a garden hose or something to spray it all away. And don't do this on grass because it will kill it and don't try this on pavement if you do, remember to spray it with a garden hose to get it all away. The best place to do this would probably be dirt. when it explodes it will be similar to the pic below.

Thank you for reading my Instructable I plan to make more. Don't forget to post comments and ratings
I like comments

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