Introduction: Make a GhettoBlaster Tricycle

A ghettoblaster tricycle(its just what i named it) is a adult tricycle with the loudest speakers you can get on it. This thing is a fully fiberglassed enclosure with 2 15" woofers, 5 tweeters and 1 mid range. Its powered by a deep cycle battery and is used with a dual lane 2400 watt amplifier located inside. It has a car stereo that controls the volume and the music. The backrest is covered in purple felt and lined with a rubber strip. There are 2 sets of lights on the back with a total of 50 leds each of blue and red lights with a controler box located under neath the speakers.

Step 1: Supplies

1 - Adult Tricycle (Found one for 300$ on craigslist)
1 - Concert Speaker (Mine has 2 15" woofers, 5 tweeters and 1 mid range)
1 - 1400 watt (Depending on speakers)Car amp
1 - Car Stereo
1 - Deep cycle 12volt battery
1 - Pair of blue and red led's
Fiberglass supplies (Fiberglass mat, fiberglass resin, catalyst, polyester)
Lots of bondo for car shaping
Particle Board
Speaker Wire
Spray paint
Optional Tools i used:
Staple Gun
Nail Gun
Reciprocating Saw
Spray on glue
Lots of Gloves

Step 2: Starting the Housing

This is the part where we start working with wood.

We made a base for the whole speaker system to sit in the bed of the tricycle, Our base also included a spot for our biggest battery. The first pic in this section.

After we made that and made sure it fit snug we had to make the first base for the actual speaker box. For this we used some 3/4 in thick particle board to make sure it would hold and we cut out a half oval for the base of the speakers.

We added the middle piece of wood, which we called the shark fin to help give the final shape and hold up the speaker holders.

After we have that done we have to add the holders for the speakers. As you see in the 3rd image its a circle being held up by some scrap wood, it dosnt have to be abled to hold alot of wieght its just so it will give the shape to the fiberglass and just a little bit of support.

In the forth image you can see the other speaker holders are in place and are almost ready to be fiber glassed.

Step 3: Wiring

In the first image you can see that we added on the backing to the speaker box, we cut out a hole that would fit the stereo. We added the amp and started the wiring of the speakers, we just followed the same wiring that was in the previous speaker box, we just lengthened the wires so they would make it all the way across the box. Now wiring it can be hard because you got to make sure that the ground wires are actually grounded, we used some of the bolts holding the wheels onto the bike. You also have to make sure that the ignition wire from the car stereo is connected to the amp so it will turn on. I duck taped all the wires were they should be in the box so that when we cut the holes for the speakers i dont have to go looking for them. We drilled holes into the bottom of the speaker box into the battery compartment so we could hook the battery directly to the amp and have the ground wires unseen.

Step 4: Fiber-glassing

Now this is the hard part.
We have to stretch the polyester over the whole speaker box and staple or glue it onto it to give it the desired shape, This was very hard in our case because of the odd shape of the speaker box.

Once you have it stapled into the shape you want, start to mix the fiberglass resin with the catalyst and start painting it onto the bare polyester fabric. After it has dried it should be abled to hold its shape.

Now you can start painting the fiberglass resin with fiberglass strips. We used 2 gallons of fiberglass resin and about 5 yard of fiberglass matting. We stopped doing fiberglass once we were unable to press on the fiberglass.

If you want to you can sand the bubbles from the fiberglass to help you later, we never did that and it made it much harder in the end.

Now you have to cover the whole thing in bondo. we used 3 paint cans worth of bondo for ours, this is something that takes alot of patience because alot of things can go wrong. Once you have it covering the whole thing we used 150 grit to sand it into shape then we used 600 grit to make it smooth. We had a total of about 3 layers of bondo in some spots to make it look smooth.

Then you need to cut out the holes for the speakers, for the big ones i used a reciprocating saw and a file and for the little ones i used a 2 3/4 inch circular drill bit. Make sure the speakers fit before you paint.

Step 5: Painting

I dont have a picture of this but it consisted of painting the grills of the subs and the whole thing purple. I decided to use purple rustoleum paint from osh. We painted it with 2 coats of primer then 4 coats of purple. After those had fully dried we did 2 coats of protective clear coats. The grills were easy because there was no rush to paint it, i started painting them before we started fiber-glassing. They have 3 coats of yellow paint and 2 coats of clear coat.

Step 6: Adding the Speakers

Adding the speakers was the most satisfying part of the speaker box. We started with the little tweeters and would wire one up, test, wire one up, test... ect. They all worked without a hitch so we soldered them all up and drilled the speakers into place.

Step 7: Finishing Touches

We added the purple felt with spray on glue and made the edges of it look nice with a rubber door sealing thing. We stapled the plastic lining onto the fabric and we had to use two part epoxy for the other side because the bondo and fiberglass are two strong for the staples. We also had to add felt to all the wood parts that are seen on the speaker box holder. We didnt like the look of the battery box holder so we grabbed some scrap wood and cut it and added felt and screwed it into the ghettoblaster. To get the battery out you just unscrew the panel. We had a set of led panels with 50 leds on each of red and blue. We screwed the lights onto the back of the bike and ran the wiring through the inside of the speaker box to the front left of the bike were the controller for the lights is. Hopefully this will help you if you want to make somthing like this, please comment or message me if you have any questions. Also if you want updates on the bike go to [http://ghettoblasterinc]

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