Introduction: Make a Juicer Out of a Plastic Bottle!!!!

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In this Instructable I will show you what to do with an empty 2 little bottle...... Follow these simple steps and you'll drinking Sweet Orange Juice In No Time....... So Please Next time you have an empty 2 little bottle, Make something use of it....... A Juicer!!!!!

Watch The Instructional video Below.....

Step 1: Materials!!!!

You will need the following,

An Empty 2 litter bottle
A cutting Utensil, Preferably a knife or a blade.
A Marker
Some Oranges, but can be Lemons or Grape fruits as well.

Step 2: Mark!!!!

*Begin by marking the the bottle

*Half an inch below the cap, mark a circle

*Half an inch below the Circle mark 6 vertical lines ( about 2 inches in length and 2 inches apart from each other)

Step 3: CUT!!!!

  • Next, begin by cutting off the circle your marked, completely removing the top of the bottle (the part with the cap)
  • With a blade, cut through the 6 vertical lines, so you will have 6 openings.

Step 4: Juicer Is Ready!!!!

  • Place a bowl below the bottle and you're ready to juice and Orange, Lemons, Graperfruits....ect.
  • Cut Your Oranges in half,
  • Place one face down on top of the bottle and begin to Rotate it,

The openings you made, will do most of the work as they will take out most of the the Oranges Juice.....

The Bottle is convenient as all the juice will fall inside the the bottle, so you wont have to clean any spilled juice.

What makes the bottle Great too is that you can actually serve the juice straight from it, because the pulp will cause the openings to seal shut, unless you are squeezing another orange.

No go and Enjoy your Orange Juice.....

Please Watch the Instructional video if you wanna see the full results. Its awesome and its a must try instructable......... You save Money and Recycle at the same time...........

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