Introduction: Make a Mini Matchstick Rocket With Matchstick Head and Launcher

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Just by using Match stick heads we can make Mini Rockets that shoots longer distances

Make them and have a great fun lets get into requirements

you may have seen several models but in this it shoots longer distances

Step 1: Requirements

You need

Match box

Aluminium foil

Matchstick Template Download for Free In the Given Link and take a printed copy

Color Tapes

Lighter Or Candle



Step 2: Collecting Matchstick Heads and Cutting Foil Shape

Firstly collect the match stick heads using a cutter and store them.

Then take the template and cut and separate Aluminium foil shape and then stick it to a card board and this can be useful to trace the Aluminium foil shape.

Take aluminium foil sheet and place the foil shape over it and cut the shape as per the template

We will get several sheets as shown in last picture

the proceed to next step

Step 3: Markings on Round Stick or Needle

Now As shown on the template put mark on the wooden skewer or needle at 3 and 5 cm respectively

Step 4: Rolling the Foil With Match Stick Head

now take the aluminium cut portion and place the wooden skewer or needle which was marked earlier over the foil and ensure that the line drawn at 3 cm would be touching the end of foil as shown and place matchstick head over it and roll the foil carefully

after finishing rolling the left over top portion was twisted tightly make sure that it was sealed

Step 5: Applying Color Tape

now take the color tapes and stick them on opposite sides at bottom part of rocket and Cut the shape of tape such that it looks like rocket using the scissor.

Step 6: Making Launcher

After finishing making rockets keep them safe and make launcher using match box

keep a sponge inside the match box and make three holes at one corner on match box and place wooden skewer which was cut into half or a needle which u used to made rocket previously and set your own launching angle using three holes

Step 7: Fire the Rockets

after making rockets and launcher go to a safe place and fire rockets load the rocket over the wooden skewer or needle and adjust the launching angle and using lighter or a candle fire at top portion of rocket where match head is located and now the match head burns inside and fuels produced had no place to escape they will escape out throug downwards by pushing the skewer and it flies

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