Introduction: Make a Miniature Pen "RPG"!

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Hello.  I'd like to show you how to make an RPG style pen launcher.  I apologize if anyone has done this before me, but this definitely came out of my own head.  This is my first instructables so suggestions are greatly appreciated!

     Now for the supplies & tools
-diagonal cutters
-a ballpoint pen
-1 piece of paper

Step 1: Disassemble Your Pen

As shown in the picture above, take your cutters and wiggle off the tip of the pen.  As this comes off, the ink cartridge will follow.  Now for that thing on the back.  Pinch just below and it should come loose.  Pry this off and you should be left with an empty pen tube.

Step 2: The Main Body!

Now take your paper and divide it into thirds.  Cut these out.  Pick one of these thirds and place the shell of your former pen along it's width. roll it up as tight as possible and tape.  You have the body of your "RPG"


It's time to make the nose cone.  Cut out a pizza-slice shape from another third.  Roll this up & apply tape.

Step 4: Finish Up

Attach the nosecone and your ready to fly!  To do this, simply sit the nosecone on the main body and rap tape ALL around.  Be wary of using two much tape! Tape adds weight.

Step 5: Launch!

Here are some videos of mine flying.  All you need to do is stick the "RPG" on the pen shell and blow from the other end HARD!