Introduction: Make a Ring Out of Reclaimed Metal

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So now that we have reclaimed the metal in my instructable let's put it to use.

Recently my wife lost her wedding ring while taking out the trash. With Valentines Day coming up I figured it was a good time to replace it.

Step 1: Collect the Following

You are going to need a mandrel and a jewelers ring sizer. You will also need a drill, drill bits, paddle bits, sanding block, a vice and jewelers files.

Step 2: Measuring

I use a micrometer to measure the inner diameter of the ring. That will transfer to a paddle bit.

Step 3: Drilling

Place the ingot in the vice, find the center of the ingot and drill in. After your a way in measure to make sure you are in the ballpark for the inside of the ring. Continue to drill until you have a hole straight through.

Step 4: Double Check

Make sure your ring is drilled so the ring will sit on the finger well. As you can see this was not the case so I remelted the ingot down and started again.

Step 5: Removing the Ring From the Ingot Flash

Mark a rough line to make the desired thickness of the ring. Drill outside this line to created a separation in the metal.

Step 6: Recheck

Recheck the dimensions are correct and then begin to file and shape.

Step 7: Shaping

File and shape the ring until it is in the proper shape, if it gets bent or out of round place it on the mandrel and use a small hammer to knock it back.

Step 8: Finish Up

Polish the ring to a high gloss. The first ring looked so good I actually made a matching one for myself.
Show her or him or them (I don't judge) you truly love them and make your wedding rings.

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