Introduction: Make a Sewing Room on a Small Budget

Today I'm going to show you how to make a bright, fun sewing room without spending too much.

Step 1:

This is my cutting and sewing table. I've had this white chair for a while, and a table like the one in the picture can be found in a garage sale for $10 dollars or less. Just keep your eyes open. You may have to stain and paint the table if it's in low quality.

As for the pillow, I sewed that myself as an accent. The mermaid and sign next to the machine are little decorations I purchased in a gift shop for about $8. The table was feeling a little bland, so I bought them. Small decorations like these can make a big difference and are cheap and easy to buy.

Step 2: Zips and Thread

I have a radiator in my sewing room, and I figured I might as well get as much storage as I can out of the room, so I put my zips and thread on it. I have yet to buy a thread rack, so I just threw all my thread in a metal container. I'm not sure where I bought it, but these types of things can be purchased at Target or Dollar Store and are great for storing odds and ends. I just put my zips in an extra sewing basket I had.

Step 3: Fabric!

My fabric stash is slowly growing. (I have more fabric in a basket, which you will see in the next step, and another basket of fabric in my closet, which I'm not showing you today.)

I folded my fabric, but it still looks a little messy, and I put it on a metal rack that has three shelves, so it's wonderful for fabric. This has been floating around my house, so I finally put it to use. I have no clue where this came from, but something like this is easy to find at Target, but not so easy at garage sales. If you have an overflow of fabric, you may want a different place that's bigger to store it all.

Step 4:

More fabric, and some other random stuff.

Step 5: Meet My Mannequin & Tulle Skirt!

This mannequin hides my air conditioner very cleverly (it's really hot right now!).

Step 6:

This wall is opposite my sewing table. I got out some nails and hung up a few of my makes. This is clever, because it looks good, and people can see your stuff that you made! It makes me smile to see this dress here hanging every day.

Step 7: Final Thoughts

1. I hung some vintage patterns around my inspirational cork board for more pizzazz. (I have a tutorial for making a cork board like this.)

2. My sewing room doesn't have a rug, and I would reccomend to you that you don't add one (but if you have a carpet, I can't help you there.) Thread tends to be harder to find in a rug, and it goes the same for pins.

3. You don't have to spend lots of money to have a beautiful sewing room that makes you happy. I hope this helped you, let me know what you think in the comments.

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