Introduction: Make a Soldering Iron!

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Hello! This is my first instructible so please excuse any mistakes I may have made. This instructible is on a diy soldering iron! Why spend an upwards of 20 dollars when you can make one for about 4 dollars!

Step 1: Materials

2 jumper cables,

6 volt battery( 4.5Ah),



Step 2: Tools

Gloves(optional, as the alligator clip gets very hot),

A set of safety or welding goggles,

Pencil sharpener,

Your hands,

And an open imagination!

Step 3: Putting It Together

First, you want to put the green(or black) cable on the negative terminal of the battery.

The next step is to place your yellow or red jumper on the positive terminal.

Place the graphite(taken from a sharpened, broken pencil graphite) in the alligator clip on the green cable.

Lastly, place the solder in the yellow clip.

Your done!

Step 4: Using the Iron!

To use the iron, just touch the graphite to the solder and the solder will melt!

Now use your imagination for the uses of this iron!(hmmmmm..... maybe a micro welder...)