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Introduction: Make a Special Valentine Gift

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For that special someone, a handmade gift is so impressive and it's easy to do with homemade craft materials. With this instructable, you will be able to make gifts for those special people (or someone) in your life.

Step 1: Make Box for Your Rose

A box is made specifically for the rose gift.  It is made from regular corrugated cardboard. Follow instructions included with photos, and also see my You may note that there are various ways to make a box. Pick and choose what suits you the best. Picture one in this series depicts what I think is the fastest, easiest way to make a box. And the results are entirely suitable.

Step 2: Cover Box With Paper

Colorful paper chosen for the occasion is cut to size and applied to box blank with spray adhesive.

Step 3: Trim Edges of Box

A contrasting color is chosen, cut to a width of 3/4 inch, scored, folded, cut for end folds, and applied to edges to give a finish appearance.

Step 4: Make Top of Box

Again, paper is cut to size, edge pieces cut and all applied to complete top, or lid of box.

Step 5: Make Rose for Your Special Person

This rose is easy to make, and complete instructions can be found  Please note that the rose made for the Valentine's gift is different in that I used fabric glued to paper to make the rose.  As with boxes, there are many ways to make a rose. I chose a fabric, cut a piece about 8.5x11, and glued this with spray adhesive to regular 20lb. bond paper, which in this case, is red.  Rose is made the same way plain paper roses are, and I use a hot melt glue gun for the fabric roses.

Step 6: Make Label for Your Rose

A label is made by printing your recipient's name on cardstock.  I chose the font "Edwardian Script", printed the label, cut it to shape, made a border as shown and then punched a hole at the end. The label is attached to the rose with a piece of twine, yarn or string. 

Step 7: Include a Bud Vase in Box

To display the rose, a bud vase can be included in the gift box. This way, the rose is on display, and your special person has a box that can be used as an accessory box or for another purpose. Perhaps the rose will be stored and brought out once a year as a reminder of your efforts!

Step 8: Completed Roses, Ready to Delight That Special Person!

Happy Valentine's day!

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    I just made one of these for my Girl, and I have to say it turned out absolutely wonderful.  I laid it in a bed of white tissue paper, and adorned it with Heart-shaped Reese's cups, Her favorite.

    I just have one Question, Though:  How do you curl the petals of your roses so well?  I've been making them since you first posted your wonderful paper flower tutorial, and I can never seem to get them to curl right.  Do you have some trick you use?

    Again, Thank you for your wonderful tutorials, These have been the first things I've made from this site in Months.


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the comments. glad you were able to make one.  See step six of the instructable How to make paper roses to see how to roll the inner petals. Cut several pieces and practice....two or three times you should be an expert! Cman


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    I tired that-  It never seems to work due to the way you curve the inner petals.  Maybe I'm just doing it wrong and it comes with practice, haha.