Introduction: Make a "heart Shaped Lock" or Scissors Pendant

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I wanted to make something special for my lovely girlfriend, I have some sterling silver laying around so I decided to make her a few necklaces. thanks for looking and please vote!

This casting process is very simple but please use caution! this requires you to work with extreme heat and molten metal.

Step 1: Parts and Tools


torch (i used mapp gas)
small file set
scroll saw
buffing wheel


Casting material (I used silver but you can use pewter or aluminum)
wood (for mold)
leather or other necklace material
copper colored rings

Step 2: Cut and Build Your Mold

Draw the desired shape on to the wood, drill and cut it out using a scroll saw. you can clamp, glue or even bolt the two part mold together. It is a good idea to make a few replications of your mold, It took me 5 casts to get a good part! A mold of this nature is only good for one casting.

Step 3: Heat Your Metal and Cast

Use your torch to get the casting medium nice and liquidy, Use extreme caution!! wear a face mask and gloves. (for my crucible i used the bottom of a CO2 canister) keep water on hand in case of fire.

Pour slowly and evenly, I had to cast this many times. some was due to to much silver in the mold, or not enough! try not to put water on the cast if necessary, let it cool slowly. you do not want the metal to get to hard from cooling too quickly.

Step 4: Polish the Rough Casting

After you have gotten a acceptable cast use files to clean up any rough areas and add fine detail. Take it to a polishing wheel and get it to a shiny finish.this should take 5-10 minutes.

Step 5: String It Up

use leather, chain or string and finish the necklace.

Step 6: Find a Pretty Neck to Put It Around.

she loves it! I am very please with the final out come as well. thanks for looking and please vote!

if you have any questions or need help please do not hesitate to ask!

Step 7: The Shears/ Scissors

This came about a day after I made the heart and I really liked it so I wanted to add it into this insructable. I hope you guys enjoy it! I attached the blade together with a 1/8" brass rod. I peened one side and soldered the other blade to the rod. It holds very securely! The I strung it up with leather and copper rings.
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