Introduction: Make an 1/8" to 1/4" Cable

Hello guys and welcome to my first Instructable! In this I'm going to show you how to make a 1/4" to 1/8" cable to hook up to your amp and jam to your tunes! A little backstory behind this Instructable: I had recently gone to a flea market and found a pretty good deal of a guitar and amp for twenty bucks. I bought them both before remembering that I play lefty, so the guitar wouldn't be much good to me. So I later went out and bought myself a new lefty guitar and amp. With this, I didn't have much use for the old amp, a little Esteban G-10. Not wanting to throw it out, I wondered what to do with it when I realized that I could carry it around and use it to play music. Thus this Instructable was born!

Step 1: Get the Stuff!

You're going to need: An 1/8" jack with cable A 1/4" jack Some wire(preferably insulated and thinner) Wax of some sort(see step six) Electrical tape And you will need a soldering gun, soldering wire, and a basic knowledge of how to use the gun.

Step 2: Prep the 1/4" Jack

You're going to take the 1/4" jack here and take off the outer rubber covering. Next, strip the inner white cover to reveal the grounding wire. In the center of all of this wire is another wire, this one controlling sound. Move the grounding wire to one side and strip the wire covering off. To finish, burn both wires to make sure any small plastic pieces and insulation are off.

Step 3: Prep the 1/8" Jack

Now, take the 1/8" jack(the headphone jack) and solder three wires to it, one to each terminal. Keep in mind that you shouldn't have any of the soldering spots touch each other as spin so may groin the jack out, resulting in either a tinny noise or no noise at all. Try to keep the wires the same length too, as it will help in the next steps.

Step 4: Splicing the Cables

Take both cables and, knowing which wire is which, splice the grounds of the two cables together and solder. Twist the two remaining wires of the 1/8" jack together and splice into the remaining wire in the 1/4" jack and sail dee like before.

Step 5: Check the Cable

Now,before you go wrapping up the solder spots in electrical tape, you need to check and make sure that there are good connections between the wires. To do this, plug the headphone jack into your phone or iPod or whatever and the other jack into the amp. Turn on the amp and slowly turn up the volume while playing music. If the song sounds off from what it should, then that means that your connection is weak and you need to re-solder. If it sounds good, then you can proceed to the next step.

Step 6: Coat and Wrap the Cable

Before wrapping the cable with electrical tape, I coated the solder points in wax to help keep the wires from touching and grounding each other out when wrapped. I tried both melted candle wax and molding dental wax(the stuff the dentist gives you when you get brace) and found that it was much easier to use the latter of the two, but use whatever you have. After this, carefully wrap the cable in electrical tape to further protect the solder points.

Step 7: Done!

There you have it! Although it isn't the prettiest thing out there, it certainly works and gets the job done. Now you can enjoy your music on any older amp!

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