Make an Awesome Butterfly/Balisong Knife for $4 + 240fps Slow-Mo Examples

Introduction: Make an Awesome Butterfly/Balisong Knife for $4 + 240fps Slow-Mo Examples

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This is a easy and quick tutorial for making and awesome butterfly knife. The knife can be made out of some scrap metal and 2 pins or bolts. It took me only a few hours to make and is a very simple build. The blade can be made into any shape you desire, like a bottle opener or comb and would not be classified as a weapon. But i'm sure blade on it will look a lot nicer :) I Have also added some 240fps slow motion clips at the end of this video, so be sure to check them out. Enjoy.
The camera I used was a Casio EX-ZR200 which has awesome slow motion capabilities.
And as alway have fun with your deadly weapon :)

If you have any weapons you would like me to make or make tutorials on, be sure to leave them in the comment, thanks :)

Use Knife correctly and responsibly,
check your countries laws on butterfly knifes to see if they are legal,
There probably not ;) (unless you keep it with in your property)
Thanks again for checking out my Instructable and if you want subscribe to my channel :)

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