Introduction: Make an Easy to Build Bike Stand

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This easy project solved a big issue for me, and maybe it can help someone else. I needed a way to support my bike while I was working in my shop. It had to be sturdy and dependable in supporting the bike and I wanted it to be easy to move and use.  I was used to leaning the bike on something, and too many times that ended in disaster!

Step 1: Materials Needed

All I needed to make this stand was a few pieces of wood, three to be exact. Two pieces of 1x2's, and a base piece, anything available, about 10in. x 20 or so. For hardware, I used one bolt, 5/16 x 4in, one cabinet hinge (see photos), one piece of conduit about 18in. long, a few bolts to secure the conduit to the wood pieces, and one screw for the one upright that is stationary.

Step 2: Bend Conduit As Shown

To bend the conduit, I hammered both ends flat (in the same plane) by laying tubing on an anvil, then hammering flat. The bend is achieved by securing the flattened end in a vice and bending to the proper angle...done mostly by trial and error.

Step 3: Cut Wood to Correct Size

I don't give dimensions here, as everyone will have a different set of measurements depending on the the bike style, size, and other variables that might enter into it.

Step 4: After Drilling Uprights, Assemble Unit

Drill 7/16 inch holes in the uprights, at the position that will be correct for your bike. I used 5/16 in bolt, so the extra 1/8 inch will allow for easy insertion of the bolt when securing the bicycle.  Assemble according to the photo(s), which is very easy to do. An alternative fix here is to use a clamp instead of the bolt.  That would save time in securing and /or freeing the bike. 

Step 5: Bike Stand Is Complete!

I had actually priced some units to accomplish my goal, but was shocked at the prices they want for this type of stand.  It's a perfect example of what you can make with stuff lying about, and generally save lots of money.  I wish I had of done this earlier than I did, it saves lots of hassles in manageing myspace and controlling the bicycle

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