Introduction: Make an Ugly Doll!

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So this is my first instructable where I will show you how to make an ugly doll. Hooray!! (I got this idea after watching Lilo & Stich the Movie and Lilo has a very ugly doll)

Step 1: I Accidentally Made an Extra Step

Ignore this :)

Step 2: Ingredients

To make an ugly doll you will need... -a sock you don't need -two (or more) buttons -a sewing kit -knowledge of how to sew -a sharpie -and yarn (optional)

Step 3: The Body

First grab your sock, turn it inside out, then draw out how you want your ugly doll to look like. After you draw your body cut it out and align the pieces.

Step 4: Sewing and Stuffing

Sew the two pieces together but leave a little hole so you can once again turn it inside out and stuff it with stuffing. After you do that sew up the hole. (Sorry this step isn't very detailed, i should've taken more pictures.)

Step 5: Buttons and Mouth

Sew on the buttons. After that you can make a mouth by running a piece of thread where ever you want it on the face.

Step 6: Hair (Optional)

First get your yarn ball. Then, grab a piece of yarn and wrap it around your fingers. Take the yarn off, tie a thread around it (with needle attached) and cut the edges (as shown in picture.) Now sew those beautiful locks onto that ugly head.

Step 7: Finished!

Hooray! You successfully made an ugly doll. It can be used when your stressed, angry, or need some company! Don't worry if its not pretty, because after all, its not called a pretty doll! And remember, everyones will be different, so don't think that yours is worse than your friend's ugly doll, because everyones is unique.