Introduction: Make an IPhone Stylus

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Step 1: Gather These Materials and Tools

Hacksaw blade or hacksaw, hot glue gun scissors, streamline or elite nerf dart, short piece of dowel, tinfoil old earphones (optional, only for connecting to iDevice when not in use).

Step 2: Make a Cut

Cut the nerf dart about 1cm below the tip.

Step 3: Glue!

Put a glob of hit glue in the tip part of the nerf dart.

Step 4: Stick!

Insert dowel rod into the tip. Wait for the glue to dry before proceeding.

Step 5: Another Cut

Cut dowel rod to desired length using the hacksaw blade.

Step 6: Wrap!

Wrap the tip of the dart/rod thingiemewhatsit in tin foil.

Step 7: More Cuts!

Cut the plug end off the earphones, leaving about 1.5" of cord. Onwards from these seps are optional.

Step 8: Cutting Some More

Cut about a centimetre of nerf dart off the excess dart you had. Then you cut along one side of this little round so it opens.

Step 9: Gluing Some More

Glue the earphone plug into the round.

Step 10: Gluing Some More Again

Fill the rest of the round with glue.

Step 11: Wrap It Around

Wrap the glue filled round around the end of the stylus.

Step 12: Plug It Up

Cut a little piece off the rest of the nerf bullet and use it to plug up the space.

Step 13: Wrap It Up

Wrap from the end of the stylus up to just past the start of the tinfoil in tape.

Step 14: Use

When you're using the stylus make sure your fingers are always touching the tinfoil, or it won't work. To protect the screen, put a piece of cellotape on the tip.

Step 15: Done!

Enjoy your stylish from-scratch stylus.