Make Any Crochet Pattern Micro

Introduction: Make Any Crochet Pattern Micro

You can easily make any pattern micro-sized using the same supplies you normally crochet with! All you need is some patience and care to make it work. The project will take some getting used to. You might have difficulties seeing the stitches or figuring out how to hold the yarn as you work. However, with ample light and/or a magnifying project lamp you'll figure it out in no time.


Tiny hook (these come in number sizes)
Red Heart Super Saver yarn
Small amount of Poly-fil

Step 1: Find a Pattern

Any pattern will work with this technique but if you want something easy to try first, look for something with minimal sewing. It also helps to find a pattern that doesn't require details like a face.

This Pokeball and other patterns can be found for free.

Step 2: Split Your Yarn

Choose a yarn that can be split into strands. Red Heart Super Saver can be split into 4 strands.

Be very careful with these strands, they are somewhat delicate and can be easily pulled apart into fluff if they are tugged too hard.

Step 3: Start Your Pattern!

Work through your pattern just as you would normally. This will take some adjusting. If you want to invest in this micro crochet, a magnifying lamp would be very helpful. You might already have one!

The first few rounds will be the hardest to get through but once you have a little bit to hold onto and figure out how to spot these tiny stitches, you'll buzz right through!

A normal stitch marker should work with the micro stitches.

Try to work loosely.

Step 4: Stuff

Just as you would with full-sized crochet you will need to stuff it at some point. I have found that micro crochet needs to be stuffed sooner. It is also more flexible so stuffing it will take a little more artistry to get it to look right.

If you have trouble stuffing this tiny crochet, use the end of your hook or a pencil to work the stuffing in.

Step 5: Finish!

Use an actual needle to sew the crochet closed.

This is the most delicate of the entire process! Make sure your yarn pulls through easily. Poke through stitches if possible. If there is too much friction, it will pull the yarn apart into fluff. This part takes the most patience and care. If this part fails, it can still be salvaged. You will need to use fresh yarn and tie it to the project and continue.

If you want to avoid any issues with the yarn falling apart, you can switch to thread to sew.

Step 6: Experiment!

Now that you've finished a basic pattern, venture out and try something fancy with parts to sew together! If you want to use string that won't fall apart like yarn, use embroidery floss. Embroidery floss should generally be easier to use. However, this is 100% possible with regular yarn.

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    1 year ago

    That's so neat! I've never thought to divide yarn into strands :)


    Reply 1 year ago

    I honestly only discovered it because I was too lazy to go to the store for embroidery floss one day XD