Introduction: Make Any Earphones Into Bluetooth - Enabled Earphones

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So, recently my mobile' s audio jack stopped working and hence I couldn't listen to music or watch youtube which is a pretty big deal for a teenager like me. This project was born out of necessity rather than just a fun project to work on. It's not a very complicated project. Hope this instructable helps!

Step 1: Components Required:

  1. Bluetooth Audio Receiver
  2. Li-Ion battery
  3. Battery Holder
  4. 3.3V to 5V DC-DC booster module
  5. Wires for connecting
  6. Lead for Soldering
  7. Soldering Iron
  8. TP4056 Module (Battery charging Module)

Step 2: Bluetooth Audio Receiver:

This is the most important part of this project. This is easily available and pretty cheap too.

It gets powered up with a 5V source. And the USB header is used for powering this up. Nothing else is needed to be done.

In the next consecutive steps, we'll see how to power this baby up!

Step 3: Powering the Bluetooth Audio Receiver:

The Li-Ion provides us with 3.7V. We need to convert this to 5V, so we'll be using the DC-DC booster module fitted with a female header. But before we connect it, we'll need the TP4056 module, so that the Li-Ion battery can be recharged safely (It has a built-in battery protection circuit) through a micro-USB port.


The positive terminal of the battery goes to ' B+ ' of the module and negative terminal of the battery goes to the ' B- ' of the module. You can take the output from ' OUT+' and ' OUT- '


Connect ' OUT+ ' to one terminal of the switch and the other terminal of the switch goes ' + ' of the booster and then connect ' OUT- ' to ' - ' of the booster by soldering wires to them.

We're adding a switch to reduce the power losses.


While charging, the red light pops up. And when the battery is fully charged the blue light pops up.

Step 4: Setting Up Everything:

After everything is soldered properly, set up the whole circuit in a box of appropriate size. Now, when you turn the switch ON, the blue light in the audio receiver should light up.

Switch the Bluetooth ON in your mobile phone and connect it. Connect the earphones/headphones to the audio receiver.

Now you can enjoy your music.

Any inputs or comments are welcomed.