Introduction: Make Anything Using Paper


I hope everyone is in self isolation and social distancing in this period of time. We shall make this quarantine little fun so, wash your hands and let’s begin.This project is the best way to spend your time in quarantine as it took me more than a week to complete.



Sometimes in our place, we don’t get A4 paper locally. Other than that, we used to get a paper with much more length at the same width of A4 paper. So, my brothers have a very difficult time to find A4 paper for their assignments.

so we usually brought this large paper and cut it to the length of A4 paper for our use. This left as with a long strip piece of paper. I used to believe that everything has a purpose and maybe these waste long strips can be used for anything future.

So, my brothers use this long paper to make paper bullets for their rubber band in their shooting game but I saw a different idea to make use of it.


  1. Paper (here I brought 125 sheets of A4 size paper- mixed colour )
  2. Super glue (I use wood fill) or any other glue will do the job.
  3. Cutting knife (you can avoid this if you are good with folding and cutting. You can use steel scale also)

Step 1: Cutting and Folding

You can find the video attached for visual instructions.

Step 1: Folder A4 paper into half and cut. Then fold these new pieces half and cut. Repeat this process to get 16 pieces of paper from a single A4 sheet.
NOTE: The size of a small piece can be any but its better to keep 3length : 1breadth for obtaining better rectangular pieces.

You can use any paper of interest depending on your availability and need. The video includes cutting and joining instructions.

Step 2: Fold each piece in a specific form to obtain our connecting piece. Refer to the video attached.

Step 3: Connect pieces to make long stripes.

Step 4: Glue the strips according to your imagination to create wonderful things. Here you can use any glue.

NOTE: If you need better strength you can mix glue and water in the ratio 3:1 and soak everything which helps in better bonding of final structures. Anyway, I haven’t done that.

You can save and print the cutting template if you need to refer. Print the template in A4 paper.

Step 2: Final Results

These are some of the items i have made.

You can use for the following or invent new ways to implement this cool stuff.

  1. Lamp shade
  2. Mat floor (This do pretty well when your interior flooring is cold)
  3. Car/ interior
  4. Desk cover
  5. You can also decorate walls (these are soft and comfy gives good feel of touch. Use of textured paper also helps.)
  6. Bags (you have to make bag base out of normal paper. and i have made my bad by using normal paper as base)
  7. Bangles, ear rings, pendants etc
  8. and many more...
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