Introduction: Make Apple Headphone In-ear.

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I really like the look of the Apple headphones. And also the cables are quite good and don't mess up to easily.
But I really don't like how they feel in my ears. They just start to hurt after a few hours, and as an acute music addict I am that is not acceptable! :P
So I decided to make the Apple headphones in-ear (hell yeah I love how they feel^^).
First I also wanted to replace the "speaker" in the headphones as well, but I didn't have the time/tools at hand at that time (I was at my grandfather's at that time). But like this, this instructable is really easy and fast (less than 15mins) and requires nearly no tools!

What you need:
-Intact Apple headphones
-cheap in-ears (may be broken)
-cutter/sharp knife/exacto-knife
-super-glue (fast dry)

With a cutter and a bit of violence get the plastic part of them, which you actually put into your ear.
Sand down or gently cut them to a flat surface (downside).
If you want to you can remove the metal-net on the apple-headphones with the knife, but this is not necessary.
Centrally glue them on the Apple headphones.

Don't use to much glue and watch your fingers :D And think of the warranty first! Warranty will void.