Make Beautiful DIY Wall Hanging From Match Sticks?

Introduction: Make Beautiful DIY Wall Hanging From Match Sticks?

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Making best out of waste products is among the best ways of decorating the homes. The technique not only gives you an opportunity to allow your inner designer to give new ideas but also helps in decoration at zero cost. Today, we shall learn a similar art of decorating the walls of the houses with cardboards, glitter papers,and matchsticks.

Here is the list of things you will need to have and the process to follow for making this beautiful wall hanging the decorative piece.

Step 1: ​Things You Need

  • Cardboards
  • Glitter sheet
  • Matchsticks
  • Beaded lace, stone lace, pearls and bead
  • Glue, pencil and pointer

Step 2: Let's Take Cardboard & Matchstick!

  • Take cardboard. Now take a matchstick and make marks on the cardboard. Draw a straight-line using scale. Cut the cardboard using a cutter. Cut 8 such pieces of cardboards with measurement of the matchstick.

Step 3: Let's Make Diamond Shape Design!

  • Now, take the cardboard pieces and make a marking of 1.5 inches on it on both sides. Make a slant line from the mark and cut it using a cutter. This gives the cardboard strips a diamond-likea shape. Similarly, cut all the cardboard pieces.
  • Apply glue on the diamond shape cardboard pieces and stick the matchsticks on it. Similarly, stick all the matchsticks on the cardboards properly.
  • Take a cardboard piece and place all the diamond shape cardboard pieces on it forming a flower. Take a pointer and place it in the center. Take measurement above the flower with the other end. Now remove the flower and make a circle with similar measurement. Cut it using a cutter.

Step 4: Let's Make Arc Shape Design!

  • Now take another cardboard and mark an arc over it that would fit between two petals of the flower. Cut out 7 such arcs.
  • Now take the matchsticks. Place the matchsticks on the straight lines of the arc using some glue. When placed on both the ends, take another matchstick and place beside them cutting the edges as per the size of the arc. Continue this till you cover the entire arc properly. Fill all the arcs using matchsticks in a similar way.

Step 5: Paste Glitter Sheet!

  • Now take a glitter sheet. Apply glue on the circular cardboard and stick the glitter sheet on it. Cut out strips from the glitter sheet and stick it on the sides of the cardboard.

Step 6: Let's Stick Beaded Lace!

  • Now take a beaded lace, a bead,and a stone lace. Stick the bead on the center of the cardboard. Surround it with the beaded lace. Again, surround the beaded lace with stone lace too. Finally, surround the stone lace with the beaded lace too.

Step 7: Let's Arrange Cardboard Flower!

  • Now take the cardboard flower petals. Surround the bead in the center with the petals and stick them at a particular distance. Take the arcs and stick them in between two petals on the edge of the cardboard.

Step 8: Let's Make Tassel!

  • Now take some pearls and a beaded lace too. Enter the beaded lace through the pearl, apply some glue on the beaded lace and stick the pearl with the lace. Enter another pearl through the beaded lace. Now take the arc and make a hole in the center of the cardboard. Allow the bead lace pass through the arc cardboard. Now pass 3 pearls through the beaded lace again and enter the arc again on it. Finally, end up the tassel by entering a pearl on it.
  • Stick the tassel on the lower side edge of the cardboard to give it a hanging tassel. Take another bead lace and make a hanging for the wall piece on the back side.

Step 9: Conclusion

  • Your wall hanging made from glitter paper, matchstick and cardboard are all ready to use for your rooms. Make similar more wall hanging pieces and decorate as many walls as you want. You can use different color glitter paper to design the wall hanging as well as increase the number of tassels too.

So, how are you making your wall hanging today?

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