Introduction: Make Char Cloth

In this entry I will show you how to make char cloth which will aid you in fire starting the primitive way.

Step 1: Make the Char Tin

You need a tin of some sort it just hast to be a closeable tin that is kinda air tight like a tin of mints or maby a altoid can. When you get your tin you need to punch a small hole in the top with a small nail or 4-5 cm, but dont make it to big no bigger that 1cm . this must be done or you risk the chance that the gases presurize the tin and it will explode.
after that you are ready to char some cloth.

Step 2: Put the Cloth in the Can

Now you must gently put the cloth in the can after you cut the cloth in squares. you must not pack them in tight or by just throwing them in you should place them in gently like I did in the picture. Then put the cap on. also you must use 100% cotton for the cloth this is readlly avaliable by using a old tee shirt which I use and it works fine, but remember 100% cotton!

Step 3: Put It on the Fire

now just start a fire not a blazing inferno just a calm fire or you can use the embers (lots of embers, this usaly works much better) set it some where in the fire where it will not fall over and watch it you will eventualy see smoke billowing out or it might start on fire. dont freak out just let it burn itself out and when there is no more smoke coming out take it out. what ever you do DONT! take the lid off right away just wait a little while for two reasons. one it is probaly really hot! and two if you open it before it cools, the oxygen will rush in and might start the whole thing on fire. then you run the risk of getting burnt and you will have to start over because the cloth is all burnt away.

Step 4: Remove the Lid

Remove the lid :] if your cloth looks like the picture where it is brown then dont worry just cover the tin back up and put it back on. if it is very starchy or crumbles when you tuch it you over cooked it and will have to start over. but if is knida soft completly black and is not very fragile then it is perfect. then you should take it out of the can and seprate each piece gently like I have done

Step 5: Light It Up

now all you have to do is let anykind of spark fall on it and it will glow red with a hot ember but no flame or for all those teck freaks you can just use a lighter but it burns it up fast. for all you primitive and medieval people like me this is the exact way the people back then made char cloth