Introduction: Make Cheap Steampunk Gloves/arms

Ever wanted to become a part of the steampunk culture but you cant afford anything? Im on the same boat as you! Here ill show you how to make steampunk gloves out of junk around the house or very cheap material. The great thing about steampunk is there is no right or wrong way just be creative!

Step 1: Create a Pattern

Before you jump ahead and start making as excited you are its always good to plot your ideas down on paper, you dont have to be a artist just draw something at least you can understand

Step 2: Gloves

Get some black gloves this will be the main base of your steampunk arm. If you dont have any just make some out of cheap cloth i did. I made a pattern by tracing my hand on paper and then tracing it on fabric. If your making your own remember to leave extra space on the fabric before sewing! Its better to go with too big than too small.

Step 3: Bring Your Pattern to Life!

Start drawing pieces of your pattern on craft foam. I got 3 sheets for a $1.99 at the dollar store :)

Step 4: Cut Out!

Cut your pieces out and make sure they fit on your hand/arm. If you cut out multiple pieces out and stack them on top of each other you can create depth and make your gloves look more mechanical.

Step 5: Glue

Glue your pieces together with a hotglue gun. Cut away excess glue and foam if needed.

Step 6: Paint! :D

Time to paint! I used bronze paint. I would paint a good 3 layers and make sure each layer is dry before applying a new one. Also dont forget to paint the edges yes this can get messy but dont rush its worth it.

Step 7: Texture

After the paint is dry add texture trust me dear this will make your gloves/arms look smashing! Take some paper towel and scrunch it up then dab it in the paint and LIGHTLY stamp and smudge it on your pieces around the edges.

Step 8: More Glue

Start glueing your pieces onto your glove. Wear the glove as your doing this so you get proper measurement and it fits. DO NOT glue it so it fits snuggly leave some room so youll be able to take it off

Step 9: Extra

Add any extra junk you find around your house like nuts or bolts. Be creative! Maybe add some clock gears too ;)

Step 10: Final Finish

If you missed some edges paint over them then when your all done your glove/arm paint some varnish or gloss to add a protective coat from the paint chipping away. There you go steampunkers we are finished i hope you liked! Please visit my deviantart for more of my costumes: