Introduction: Make Circular Cd Invitations

What better way to invite people than send them homemade exotic invitations? This instructable is about using old cds (which are ofcourse circular) to make super Invitations. Actually I came across this idea when I was brainstorming for ideas to make cool invitation cards for the upcoming farwell party at my High school. The golden invitation was the my first attempt and yellow one was made for the purpose of this instructable

Step 1: Gathering the Materials

The thing you need are:

  • Cds as many as you need to make the invitations and a few extra
  • Spray Paints
  • A4 size Sticker sheets ( 1 sheet per 2 invitations )
  • Laser Printer
  • Iron
  • Piece of Scouring Pad
  • Piece of wooden board
  • Coloured Paper ( for envelopes )
  • Sealing Wax (optional )
  • Colored Printer (optional)
  • Piece of Foam (optional)
  • Solder Wire (optional)
  • Piece of Wood (optional )

Step 2: Spray Paint the Cds

Clean the surface to be painted with a Scouring Pad . It roughens up the surface a little bit helping the paint to stick properly. Spray the Cds in desired colour. You can add texture by spraying lightly with another colour on top of the base colour. If you want to perserve the data on the cd be careful to not spray on the data containing side.

Step 3: Designing the Invitation

Use the Cd template file and add text using Word Art .

Using Word art is IMPORTANT as this helps in flipping the text for forming the mirror image.

Let your imagination run wild.

You can also add a background to the cad template to form beautiful patterns.

After adding the text using Word Art , Group everything .

Then Flip the whole thing Horizontally.

Make a copy of it and adjust so that two invitations are on a single page

Step 4: Designing the Envelope Picture (optional Step)

Make a Circle having diameter 120 mm

Add Picture to its Background

Add test Using Word Art

Step 5: Printing Out the Envelope Picture

Print out the envelope Pictures on sticker sheet

Remove backing from sticker sheet and SAVE the BACKING

Place the sticker sheet and lightly stick it to the cutting mat

Cut the sticker using craft blade

Step 6: Printing Out the Invitation

Print out the the invitation on the glossy side of sticker sheet backing using a LASER PRINTER.

Step 7: Toner Transfer

Place the CD with the painted side down on the printed invitation and align it properly

Fix it in place using tape

Place this cd attached with the paper on a wooden board with the paper up and cd down

Run a hot iron on top of the paper

Step 8: Admire Your Art Piece

Remove the Paper (Sticker Sheet Backing)

The Toner have tranfered to the cd and the textured appearence is due to effect of heat on spray paint

NOTE : Plain and Normal paper tend to stick to the cd and toner is not transferred properly

Step 9: Make the Poor Man's Wax Stamp (optional Step)

To make a wax stamp with a Pi monogram I am casting using solder wire

Refer to pictures for more clarification

Cut small pi symbol out of craft foam

Using thin cardboard strip make small square for mold

Stick the Pi symbol to a flat piece of MDF and place the cardboard square around it

Melt the solder wire in a metal spoon over a gas stove

Pour the melted solder in the mold

Wait for it to cool down and remove the stamp from the mold

Attach the stamp to a piece of wood using Epoxy to make it easy for use

Step 10: Make the Envelopes and Seal Them

Make each envelope using a Colored A4 paper sheet

Cut the A4 sheet into a square

Place the Cd in the Middle and fold all four corners (see pictures)

Stick the Envelope Sticker On the plain side and seal the envelope using sealing wax and wax stamp

Alternately you can use a Cd cover/case as a envelope

Step 11: Miscellaneous Pictures and Further Ideas

If the CD has survived so far , maybe the data in it is still intact :)

Spray paint the back of CD with a dark color or stick a dark colored piece of paper

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