Introduction: How to Make Electric Screwdriver Usb Power Tool From Micro Servo Under 6$ !

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Cordless Screwdrivers are sold For Hundred's of dollors so,Let's Make Usb Powered Rechargeble Cordless Electric Screwdriver Power Tool From Micro Servo Under 6$ !

9g Micro Servo Motors have Decent Amount of Torque And Speed To Screw or unscrew Easily and its small size Fits in Small Spaces Quiet Easily ! I Used TP4056 And 18650 Lithium ion Battery For its Power Supply. So This Cordless Scredriver is charged with Micro USB Power . DPDT Switch is Configured in Such a Way That Direction of The servo Can Be Changed Clockwise or Anticlockwise. And Two LED's Will Help you In Dark Situations.

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Step 1: Get the Parts

Your Parts List

1. Power Bank Case

2. Lithium ion Cell

3. Tp4056 li-ion Charging Board

4. 9g Micro Servo Motor

5. Hex-nut Attachment 4mm

6. Tactile Push Button

7. Double Pole Double Throw (DPDT) Switch

Step 2: Modify the Servo

First You Need to Modify The servo so That it can rotate in 360 degree,

1.Open the 4 screws of servo .

2.Then remove the circuit and directly connect two wires to the motor .

3. Cut The Stopper Part Of The large Gear to Unlcok 360 degree rotation.

Step 3: Make Attachment Bit

1. Get Proper Hexnut attachment that fits the plastic srevo attachments

2. Cut The wings of the plastic attachment

3. Using a hammer slide the pastic connecter inside hexnut attachment

4.Use generous amount of superglue to connet bit to your modified servo

5. make sure that superglue doesn't mess up the gears inside , so spin the motor several times THIS IS THE MOST IMPROTANT STEP TAKE YOUR TIME AND DO IT CAREFULLY.

6 Also Don't Forget to stick a small piece of magnet to make your bit magnetic.

Step 4: Make Rechargeble Battery

1. Connect The TP4056 Properly To Li-ion Cell

2. Make Sure The Polarity are Connected Properly and fit the battery inside the case.

Step 5: Wire a DPDT Switch

A Double Pole Double Throw (DPDT) Switch Simply Reverse The Polarity With The Flick of a Switch So

1. Connect The DPDT Switch as Shown in The Figure.

2. Two Back to Back Connected Led's at the output will be helpful too.

Step 6: Enjoy !

You've made it
its that easy and useful and fun too now grab some bits and save the planet with your screwdriver !

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