Introduction: Install Custom Labels in Happ Pushbuttons

So you've got yourself some Happ Pushbuttons such as their "Low Profile Illuminated Pushbuttons" located here:

For whatever reason you didn't get their custom printing service but now you want your button to have a picture or be labeled somehow.

In this Instructable I will show you how I went about solving this dilemma including how to get the button open and making a simple label in Photoshop.

Step 1: Your Buttons Should Look Something Like This.

Your button should look something like this.  Happ sells a few different types of buttons that are constructed like this one.  Pretty much any button who's description includes something about "custom" and "artwork" assembles (and disassembles) in the same fashion.

Step 2: Lets Start Cracking That Baby Open!

Hold the pushbutton in your hand and press the microswitch to the side to remove it.
Now remove the plunger by squeezing the white parts together like the picture.

Step 3: Remove the Lens From the Plunger.

Hold the plunger firmly in your hand and press upward on the lens 'till it pops off.  Be careful not to lose it or the plastic disk underneath it.

Step 4: Design Yourself a Label or Graphic.

The sky's the limit on what you might want to put on your button.  I wanted a "Start" and "Select" button so I'll show you what I did to make them.

To make my labels I used Photoshop.  Here's how:

1. Make a new project
2. Use the text tool and experiment will fonts you already have and free ones available on the web
3. Highlight your text and use the "Warp Text" tool, style "Bulge" and adjust the sliders 'till you like what you see.
4. Print that shiznit out, see what it looks like behind your lens, make the appropriate adjustments then print again.

tip: I printed mine on orange paper because it looked better than white and I can't print orange with my monochrome laser printer. YMMV but it's something to keep in mind.

Step 5: Stick Your Labels to the Plastic Disc Under the Lens.

Make sure your label is aligned correctly on the disk.  It has 4 little nubs on the back side that align it in the plunger and keep it from rotating.  You'll have to pay close attention to this if your control panel is cramped and your microswitch has to be pointed in a certain direction for wire clearance.

Use some double stick tape and attach your freshly printed graphic/label to the disk.
Then cut the label around the disk.

Of course you could do that the other way around, cutting it then sticking it on but then you'll have to line it up perfectly...

Step 6: Put It Back Together.

1. Put the disk back on the plunger.
2. Snap the lens back on.
3. Insert the spring.
4. Hold the spring down and insert into the body of the pushbutton. (You might have to twist it to get it to line up correctly)
5. Snap the microswitch back onto the bottom of the button.

And there you have it.  Your very own custom labeled buttons!