Make DSLR Mount Stand for Less Than 6 $ Using PVC Pipes(Monopod/Tripod for Any Camera)

Introduction: Make DSLR Mount Stand for Less Than 6 $ Using PVC Pipes(Monopod/Tripod for Any Camera)

About: I am a blogger from India with photography as a hobby thing..... I am student and want to continue it..

Yes .... You can make your own with just some PVC pipe and T's
It's lightweight...
It's Perfectly balanced...
It's solid strong...
It's customization friendly...
I am Sooraj Bagal and I will share my experience about this camera mount I created for my Camera

Step 1: This Is the Tripod I Made by Using Just Some of PVC Pipes...

Requirements :
1. 10 Feet long PVC pipe (3/4")
and ( 4 T's )
and ( 4 Caps )
2. Pipe Cutter (To Cut Pipe)
3. Scale (For Measuring)
4. Marker
5. screw (get a screw according to your camera tripod mount hole size)
6. Some time about 10-15 min.
7 (Optional Glue- Not necessary)
Cut pipe into following sizes:

1. Pipes 5" = 2 pieces
2. Pipes 7" = 4 pieces
3. Pipe of about 4 to 5 feet according to your need
4. Remaining pipe with smaller height

Step 2: Now Lets Make It Using PVC Pipes (already Having From First Step)

Now Let's join the assembly according to the figure ....
Remember its not necessary to glue this all pipes as they are sufficiently strong....
Height of main pipe on which camera to be mounted can be anything according to your need you can adjust it anytime by just replacing respective pipe....

Step 3: Now Let's Prepare the Mount

As shown in the diagram, you have to make hole in one T..... Then get the screw on which camera to be mounted
and make enough sized hole in T according to it.... Screw with enough tight bolts from inside as well as outside
and make sure that all the bottom base is parallel to surface and main pipe is 90 degree angled to surface....

Step 4: After Which You Get This Type of Camera Mount Stand

Try the balance of your own tripod first with smaller camera .... if it holds it correctly and balances well then you are ready to go with your DSLR ... Yes this tripod cum monopod stand will able to hold any DSLR also....
and is enough mobile that it can be disassembled in no time and can be carried along with you ....and its of course lightweight.... With price tag of < 6 Dollars (Less than 300 Rupees).....

Step 5: Here's the Result

My camera Sony HX300 has gyro-sensor .... As shown in image It shows it is fully balanced to surface... and there's little tripod icon also which indicates that camera is stable and is mounted on stand...!
Here's we complete this instructable .... Do Like My Work Please
I Will Post a video of this as soon as possible ..

Step 6: Optional Work for Heavy DSLR's and Heavy Lenses

As shown in above figure you can add/join extra pipe to main pipe (middle one on which camera to be mounted)
Unless you choose to build it with more than 4 feet height this step may not be required..... This stand mount can easily weigh cameras upto 1.50 Kg* (*Tested)
but if you are going to have more than it then just a small addition is required of course....
I will suggest to have an elbow cap(I don't know what is actually called that rounded edged joint)
Due to which it can have sufficient balance and now can weigh capacity increased to upto ~3 - 3.5 Kg almost!!!!...
Enjoy Building... Let me know if there is any question in your mind....

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    7 years ago

    what program did you use to show the digital steps of the pipe?


    Reply 7 years ago

    Microsoft Powerpoint 2010


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Great instructable, i love the idea!

    Perhaps, if you are going to put a DSLR camera on the top, some side supports for the big Arm (the 5 feet pvc) would make it more stable?


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Hope You Got answer now according to updated sixth step

    Thanks for your suggetion

    By default this stand mount have capacity of 1.5 Kg

    By adding additional pipe support to main it can have capacity of almost ~3 to 3.5 Kg

    You can reduce 5 feet pipe to 3.5 or 4 feet which will make it more stable...

    side support may not be required it's enough stable as you lower the height...

    If you choose to increase height you may require addition of support to it but just another one side is enough ....

    Enjoy building ...