Make Demotivator

Introduction: Make Demotivator

Demotivational posters are a hilarious twist on the popular motivational
posters. Motivational posters of course are photos that tend to feature inspiring images with motivating quotes underneath. They have become somewhat clichéd by now however which is what made them ripe for mocking.

Demotivational posters take the format of the motivational poster but use a more cynical, sarcastic or otherwise humorous message. This is a popular meme format and there are tons of great examples. This online make demotivator tool lets you make your own meme using the same setup. It runs in the browser and makes it very easy to make demotivator images quickly for use on the net.

To make demotivator images, you need to take a poignant image, crop it into a square and place it on a black background with a white border. Normally, you will then use white text underneath in order to make a statement , that will be followed up with a second line in a smaller typeface.

This free make demotivator tool makes it easy to stick to these guidelines so that all you have to do is find the image and think of the caption. Let your creativity run wild!

Step 1:

Step 2:

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Step 4:

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