Introduction: Make DragonBoard 410c a Wifi Hotspot With Linaro

How to make a wifi hotspot with DragonBoard 410c and Linaro Debian.

Step 1: Go to Network Connection (Edit Connections...)

Step 2: Click "Add"

Step 3: Choose "Wi-Fi" and Click "Create"

Step 4: Type in Connection Name Like "wifi-hotspot" and Type in SSID As You Wish and Set Mode to Hotspot

Step 5: Wifi Security Select "WPA & WPA2 Personal".

Step 6: Set a Password.

Step 7: Then Save and Close.

Step 8: Close

Step 9: Connect to Hidden Network...

Step 10: Select Your Network

Step 11: Connect

Step 12: Now You Can See With Others Devices

Step 13: And Connect.