Introduction: Make Drop Earrings With Rhinestone Beads

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Rhinestone beads are widely adopted in jewelry making. Today I will share a pair of simple and easy drop rhinestone earrings with you. With simple supplies and easy steps, this pair of drop rhinestone earrings is a 3-step DIY project and you can possibly finish it within 20 minutes even if you are green hand!

Step 1: ​Supplies in Making the Drop Rhinestone Earrings:

Brass rhinestone cup chain

Rhinestone drop beads

Earring Stud

Felt paper Scissors Glue gun


Glue gun

Step 2: Make Rhinestone Component

1st, take a rhinestone drop bead, cut the shape from a felt paper and stick them with glue gun;

2nd, put and stick the rhinestone bead on a felt paper, then take the brass rhinestone chain and coil it around the drop bead, stick it and cut off the excess;

3rd, coil the outer layer again and stick it.

Step 3: Make Another Rhinestone Drop

1st, take another rhinestone bead, then circle the brass rhinestone chain around and stick it;

2nd, curve the earring drop as shown in the picture.

Step 4: Finish the Rhinestone Drop Earrings

1st, stick the earring stud to the back of the rhinestone drop with glue gun;

2nd, repeat the whole process to make the other earring.

Step 5: The Final Look of This Pair of Simple Rhinestone Drop Earrings:

This pair of handmade drop rhinestone earrings is finished! This design will definitely make you stand out from the crowds. Besides, you can also shift the colors of the beads as you like. Hope you love this tutorial on how to make drop earrings with beads! Have a nice try!