Introduction: Make Educational Kids Puzzle Game With 3d Printer


In the name of allah

Toys are the most enjoyable applications of 3d printing. and today, God willing, we will learn how to make a game of Arab letters educational kids puzzle game , without having any design experience

Of course method works for any language

I just wanted to share the idea with you


The game is a cut in the form of puzzle written in letters and shapes , the child choose the shape that best suits the letters and assemble the two pieces together

The purpose of this game is that the child learns the form of letters, where the letter is prominent on the first piece and the child can touch him ,second piece have a prominent shape and a likable to child which alleyway to the letter

Of course, the game suitable for children three years and older

Step 1: The Design of Two Basic Pieces of the Puzzle

puzzle piece is in size of 5 cm x 5 cm and is very suitable for the size of the child's hand and sufficient clarity graphics

downloaded image of a black square, preferably circular from the corners to give beautiful form

* Open the photo in inkscape , and then from the top bar choose path and then choose path to object

* From the top bar also choose extensions then generate from path and paths to openscad

* A window appears, select the thickness of the model (5 mm very suitable) and then apply it's been converted to a file format .scad

* Open the resulting file with open scad then press render and export as stl

Thus, it has been converted to stereo image can be used in TinkerCAD

We import the file in Tinkercad then from sidebar choose the square and adjust it into the shape of a column in the same thickness of puzzle piece and a length of approximately 2 cm and then copy the column and assemble the two forms together and then press group to goin parts together and so we finished the first piece

Import the first square file again, and then make openings on it

to make openings, copy first piece

then compose it in second piece then make hole and pull the hole and selecte two pieces and press group , so we finished the second piece

Step 2: The Design of the Letter and the Shape

We are writing the desired letter in inkskape and turn it into 3d model in the same way in the first step and then import them in Tinker CAD and compose it on a small piece that have openings

We choose the appropriate image for the letter, and download it from the Internet, shape must be likable to the child , then turn it into 3d model and put it on the second piece

note, if problem appears in converting the image this is result of colors. and should paint the image with black to avoid this problems

Thus, the game design is complete and ready for print and the end result as following

Step 3: Printing

some important note on print settings

1-number of walls must be relatively large, from 3 to 4 to give the game more strength

2. Number of solid layers from 4 to 6 also for the same reason

3. speed of 25 mm to 60 mm is Enough with consideration to calm the speed from pronterface while printing letters

Step 4: Take Advantage of the Back of Two Pieces

Cut two sheets of paper in the form of two pieces and fix them with glue on the back and draw another puzzle .and put transparent adhesive tape to prevent leakage of colors

Step 5: Watch Your Child When He Enjoys Playing