Introduction: Make Emergency Metal Spare Key With 9V Battery or Coca Cola Cap Improved Version to Plastic

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Recycle: Make metal Keys in minutes By using 9v battery or coca cola bottle caps or beer bottle caps, we can make emergency spare key for lock, The resulted key can be used up to 10 times, so make it in less than 4 mins and keep in your wallet and use in an forgotten or an emergency situation.It is the most Useful and easiest life hack using Expired 9V battery or a coca cola cap.

In the previous version i made it was with plastic card or tic tac container and many of viewers are saying about bending and breaking of keys inside lock so i made this video as an improvement to plastic keys here it too cost nothing than used batteries or bottle caps.

one of my viewer commented that plastic key was broken inside the lock it can be removed with forceps of use a safety pin.

Don't apply more pressure if its not working just remove and correlate with original key.

Expired 9v Battery

Cool drink bottle metal caps

Clear tape and a lighter or a candle

Step 1: Smoke One Side of the Key

Take the key you want to make spare key, Use lighter and flame one side of the key smoke accumulates on the surface of the key now place key aside and let it cool down

Step 2: Make the Trace of Key

By using the clear tape stick it on the smoky side of the key and the print of the key transfer to the gummy surface of the that means smoke particles sticks to tape and it gives clear print of the key

Step 3: 9V Battery Part

Remove the outer metal layer of battery and cut the four rough edges you will get a sheet make it flat just by applying pressure with hammer then take the tape having key print and stick it over the sheet and by using scissor cut the metal sheet accurately we will get a metal copy of our key.

Step 4: Bottle Cap Part

By hammering make the bottle cap flat and stick the tape and cut the shape of key in this case you will get a small key because of cap size but surprisingly what i observed was it was not bending and working perfectly.

Step 5: Testing Part

before testing compare your keys with original and then test them don't apply over pressure or don't forcibly pull them inside, my personnel experience is they are working fine in case of battery metal key it is slightly bending on usage but not braking inside and in case of coke cap its good but the key was little it was not bending .

be careful while cutting it is metal it may cut.

hope this may be helpful than the plastic version i made and thanking you for all your encouragement.

bye bye.