Introduction: Make Fake Coffee Beans Out of Clay

This is my second tutorial on this site... It's A LOT less work than the first one.
The first one really was more so a combination of a lot of tutorials to be honest.

A lot of people like coffee beans because of the smell and just because it looks nice. So when making fake sweets it's very useful to have these around to use as decorations for cakes, doughnuts, pies, etc... Hence this tutorial. 

Step 1: Get a Ball of Clay

The size of the ball should be roughly the size of the coffee bean you want to make

Step 2: Press a Line Into the Center of Clay

I used a toothpick here to press the line, but something thinner would be a lot nicer.
If you want your bean to look more realistic, press multiple lines on the bean to create one jagged line.

Step 3: Create Texture

Hold the bean on two sides and then press down with the rough end of the sponge. 
This will 1) make the bean elliptical and 2) create a rough texture for the surface of the bean.

This should also be where you adjust the bean to your liking more if you choose.

When you are satisfied, leave the clay to dry for a couple of hours. 

Step 4: Painting the Bean

Depending how roasted you want your bean to be, choose the shade of brown to use.
I usually just have a bottle of brown paint and a bottle of black. I mix in however much black paint I wish to use at the time.

The color I chose for my beans is really really dark as you will see.

Step 5: Varnish or Finish

After the paint is dry, apply varnish if you are done with it.
If you plan on embedding these beans into other clay works, it would be much easier to varnish the entire piece at once. 

But now you have fake coffee beans.

Hopefully this instructable helps anyone interested in fake sweets =]
Please let me know how I can improve and thank you for reading