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To make your dream of gaming come true you don't need to have high end PC or Special Built Gaming Rig. You can yourself turn your old creepy looking low end desktop PC to look like the real pro gaming rig.
For that you just need some time and interest.
Buy a low priced lighting headphone like I have one which is KOTION EACH wired gaming headset, which has a built in good quality mic, LED lighting. , and a braided cable just for under 20$.
Buy a gaming mouse I have one 7 color LED illuminating OHELIGO gaming mouse which has 7 buttons can be customised and has DPI adjustable. which costs around 12$. And finally buy one gaming keyboard I suggest COSMIC BYTE since they provide wonderful gaming rig for very low price which are too good. The keyboard also has 7 color LED lighting including different effects of lighting. Which also has a sound activated lighting feature. It is a membrane type keyboard having key locking features and arrow and WASD key swap feature which makes it gaming keyboard. This costs around 23$. Really worth buying.
After all these goto step 1 where I will tell you how to make your monitor background glow like neon in dark.

Step 1: Make Neon Start Glowing

Actually to make background of your monitor you don't need to use costly neon lights. But the effect will be like neon only.
Just take look at the pictures I have uploaded. at the back panel of your monitor stick those LED strips, after soldering wires to the ends of the LED strip. If you want to use different colours of LED strip or more than one strip then solder the + end of each strip together and make an end wire connect to a switch or something like I have made pluggable type connection using male and female headers.
Now at the back check the power supply line for monitor. You can find a small thin wire went to monitor backside which has a pluggable type connector a 12v jack. Leave some length in that wire and cut the wire while powersupply is off. Make the connection to your led strip through this wire. Your all done. Whenever you plug those two connectors at the top near monitor the light will glow. You can make this more awesome by adding arduino or something with your creativity. Don't forget to tape or insulate the wired connection. If shorts then you might blow up your monitor. The light and monitor must be connected in forward biased conditions to work that means + end must be connected with + only for both . If you have any doubts in wiring and other stuffs feel free to ask. And share your thoughts too. Thank u all..

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