Introduction: Make Guitar From Shoebox

Want to make a simple guitar just from a shoebox & some strings. it's simple and no fancy tool is required .
Make the most out of this quarantine .


A simple shoebox ×1
Some strings ×4
Hooks ×4
A 3 feet plastic bar ×1
Paper cutter ×1

Step 1: Cutting the Box

First make a hole on the top of the shoebox with the help of paper cutter, it should be 3 inches in diameter. Then make two more hole on the sides of the box for plastic bar.

Step 2: Piercing the Plastic Bar.

I use a 3 feet long plastic bar as a stand to insert the strings.
Make four hole on both ends of the plastic bar where you can knot the strings.

Step 3: Tighten the String

Insert the hooks on the upper end of plastic bar and make a knot of the strings and just tie the strings on the other side on the plastic rod.

Step 4: Adjusting the String

Use the hooks to tight the string by rotating it clockwise or anti clockwise . The more you tight the string higher the sound it will produce. A few adjustments and you get the perfect guitar sound you want.

That's it you can paints or add some cool stickers. Play it by plucking on the strings.
It's easy and also low on the budget. If you have any questions regarding the method do ask me. Don't forget to leave a comment below how much you'd like it.
Have a nice day.
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