Introduction: Make Indispensible, Portable, Useful Support Posts.

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This instructable shows how to make a portable, and extremely helpful support post(s). Can be used in many functions, many areas. There are many uses for these posts as you will see.

Step 1: Using Forms to Make the Base

As always, there are several ways to cast the base. Depending on where it will be used ultimately, select cans of various sizes, for a large base, I use a large coffee can. But smaller cans have their place as well. I decided to use a plastic flower pot as a form in order to make a more attractive post base.

Step 2: Parts and Supplies Needed

Start with large coffee cans that you would other wise toss into the landfill. Also needed: any posts or stakes you have or want to make. I have made them out of old fence boards, new lumber, old moulding, etc. What you want is slender stakes or posts of 1 to 2 inches wide and 3 to 6 feet in length. Then we need some concrete, either sack mixed, or make your own. A good tactic is to plan on making these posts when you have another project going, like a sidewalk, patio, retaining wall, etc. Then you need water, a place to mix the concrete, a trowel or scoop, and so on.

Step 3: Place Post Into Form and Add Concrete

Putting the post in the can or form in which you will place the concrete: It might be a good idea to drill a hole in the post and add an old bolt or nail to make the post more secure in the can.

Step 4: Add Concrete to the Can or Form Used.

Try to have can on a level spot so that you end up with a true plumb, vertical post.

Step 5: Plumb Post in Can

Post can be moved slightly to have it as near straight vertical as possible.

Step 6: Uses for the Post(s)

I have used these posts for garden supports where it would be difficult to drive a long stake. They last several years, so rust is not a major issue. Other uses: light stands that are portable. Take your light where you want it. Use it in the art room, the dining room, the living area, etc. I added a tuna fish can to one post to feed birds from. Use to support shade cloths in the garden in the high heat of August. This method could be used to make supports for awnings used in craft shows, fairs, etc. Simply use a larger plastic pot for a mold, and insert a metal or plastic pipe as the upright.