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Introduction: Make It Fly- Base

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Searching into my electronic garbage I found a broken drone , so I don't wanna waste the little motors and this idea came up watching a fan making all my papers near to him flying and falling on the floor.

This is a base to make things fly, a little and simple thing to have something flying decorating your desk or in your room or in any other place.

Step 1: Materials

  • Hubsan X4H107 Motor (7mm)
  • A 59mm propeller
  • Switch
  • 2x M3 *10mm
  • 2x M3 *20mm
  • 6 nuts
  • some washers ( 6 for the model and a few to adjust the battery)
  • battery 1.5v AA
  • pliers
  • a bench drill or a normal drill of 5mm
  • welding
  • 3D models (which are here to download)
  • plain wire

Step 2: 3D Printing

The first thing is to print the models I have designed for this motor and this propeller, because if you want to use a powerful motor or a larger propeller maybe you will have to make changes to the models considering that they were designed with very specific dimensions in base of:

  • the motor
  • the propeller
  • the battery
  • the switch

In case of modifications to the 3D Models this are the materials to considerate.

But if you're following the materials just as they were described, just download the 3d files.

Step 3: The Base

Take the measure of the base to have the exact half of the height of the base.

Once you have the half of the height make a hole with the 5mm drill, notice that the hole has been made in the same side of the little motor base (the line that cross all the base).

Do the same in the other side, so you will have the motor base with two holes at the same height in both sides.

Then put the motor in place, the wires must go face down.Tangle the wires with the washers, each wire with a washer, this is because I wanted to avoid the welding, so the washers will conduct the current to the motor.

Tip: Rub the washers with sandpaper to take off the paint in case they were painted, so they will conduct better.

Step 4: The Support

Now the motor base is completed ,tangle another wires with washers because we need to conduct from the battery to the motor, use the support that doesn't have the perforation of the swtitch, we are using the support of the first image , M3 screws and a washer to join the base with the support in the holes we did.So this wil be the order : M3 screws- supports( from the 3D files) and the wire with the washer.

Then put all together to the base as shown in the picture, join the current wire (the red one) with the M3 from inside the base and adjust it with a nut.

Wires must go in both sides, inside the base (the current wire from the motor) and outside (the white wire and a washer that we will use with the battery).

Step 5: Battery

The next thing is the battery holder, put two washers into the M3 screw, then put it in the battery holder, the screw head must go on the inside and adjust it with a nut, do the same with the other side.

To conduct better the energy rub the washers with sandpaper.Now put in place the battery as shown in the picture.

With a nut ,join one side of the battery to the support we previously assembled.

Step 6: Switch

To install the switch into the other support, we need to put a M3 in the top hole of the triangle (support),then we need wires to do the same process we have been using with the wires and the washers.

In this step we need to use welding but don't worry just to make 2 little points, to weld the wires to the switch, if you're not good at welding things you can tangled the wires to the switch pins but there's no security that it will work very good, I mean maybe you will have false contact between the battery and the switch.

Put in place the switch into the hole, one wire of the switch goes into the top M3 of the support and the other wire goes to the battery.

Check this: the negative side of the battery goes on the side of the switch to close the circuit, so the possitive side is on the support we did on step 4 and the negative goes in the side of the switch.

Now put together this support to the motor base adjusting with nuts.

Step 7: Top and Propeller

Put the top into the base and the propeller into the motor, notice that the propeller is facing down to the battery.

Step 8: Final Result

We need something to make it fly, first I tought on the basic paper plane,butterflies, kites,balloons, but the motor came from a drone and in Internet there are no DIY for origami drones so I invented my own paper drone, but you can put wathever you want to make it fly, in this case I used paper because of the size of the propeller and the motor, that is not that powerful.

The plain wire is used to tie the origami drone to the top because I wanted to stay flying in one place, so tangle the wires to the tiny supports on the top and finally turn on the Make it Fly Base!!!!!

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