Introduction: Make It Move Rolls-Royce Pearl Jet Engine

Hi, so I'm a student at Lawrence Middle School in New Jersey and while I was at home I was beginning to get bored until I came across this contest. So I decided to join with the help of my dad in the dimensions of the engine itself. Just to let you know I am very fascinated by engines of all types and how they work. So this contest has been a challenge for me since I never really made anything like this but it's worth a try. So please vote for me! I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

Step 1: Get the Fan Blades Made

So in this step all I really did in this step is get cone and made a custom shape that looks like the actual fan blade and I just placed that shape around the cone.

Step 2: Making Gears

So I made some gears that I will be needing since the fan needs to move. The entire engine will be powered by a crank handle that I will be integrating on the side.

Step 3: Add the Second Fan for More Thrust

So In this step I added the second fan since the real engine does have 2 fans. Another thing I added is a spacer in between the fans so they don't break by bending and hitting each other.

Step 4: Putting on a Hollow Cylinder

So in this step I put a gear at the front (Same thing as the actual engine) and then I added a hollow cylinder around the first filled cylinder so that the inner one will be able to spin.

Step 5: Making the Crank Handle Gear Mechanism

So in this step I will be adding all the gearing for the crank handle on the outside which will be used to spin the fans.

Step 6: Building the Outer Body or Shell

In this step I built the outer body for the engine as you see. By the way if you notice that grey piece sticking out, that piece is going through a hole so it can move freely in that hole. The reason I have like that is because the crank handle will be right there so it can power the fan.

Step 7: Inner Supports

So in this step I added all the inner supports to hold everything in place. By the way the body of the engine has been hidden in this image.

Step 8: The Crank Handle

So in this step I added the crank handle so the actual thing will spin.

Step 9: Adding the Front Curve

So honestly I don't know what this is called so I'm just going to call it the front curve. So it's literally the back part where the thrust comes out and I just made that a lot smaller in length and a little bigger in width to cover up the entire front.

Step 10: Fitting the Supports

These supports are there so the handle can spin and also to keep the engine itself in place.

Step 11: Finally Making the Rolls Royce Symbol

So I just made the symbol pretty small since I don't know how big it is on the actual engine.

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