Make Jelly From a Weed and Can It

Introduction: Make Jelly From a Weed and Can It

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From the harvest to the final product, this video shows how to make jelly at home using berries from a plant commonly considered a weed in many parts of the world - the beautyberry shrub. Beautyberry jelly is easy to make.

Being very tasty, it has a delicate berry-like flavor (perhaps leaning towards grape - but not the same). There's something appealing about turning a seldom used weed into a useful product! There are other uses for the shrub too - projects for another time.

The ingredients for 4 cups of jelly are as follows:

2 US qts (~2 L) sorted and cleaned beautyberries
2 US qts (~2 L) water
¼ cup lemon juice
2 lbs (~900 g) sugar
Pectin for 4 cups of jelly (follow the pectin supplier's instruction)

Note: There are enough beautyberries and water in this recipe for two batches of jelly. However, resist the temptation to make it all in one go, as it might gel before you get to can it! Refrigerate the surplus liquid for the time you make the next batch of jelly.

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