Introduction: Make Lora Node and Lora Gateway by Using DORJI DRF1276DM Module

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LoRa means long range. LoRa and LORAWAN are two different protocol . We use LoRa protocol . Dorji DRF1276DM (865-915 MHz) is a special LoRa board which contain the Semtech SX1276 LoRa chip and also an MCU chip.

This MCU take care for all the task and parameters needed for the SX1276 chip. The LoRa module receives from or sends data to the host through serial port (UART) at preset data format.The users don’t need to care about the process of data inside the module.

DRF1276DM (EUR , USA & India ) or DRF1278DM (ASIAN) depends on which
zone you are and availability of open frequency. Lets In INDIA , the open communication frequency is 865Mhz to 867 Mhz . You use DRF1276DM module in India by Write 866Mhz in Rf Frequency in Dorji tool .when your area frequency lie between 865Mhz to 868 Mhz.

About the distance, up to 2000 meters should be possible.

Refer a Youtube video :-

Refer the datasheet from Dorji .

Refer also to

Step 1: Supplies

Before ordering the module check Antenne are included or not with module. Antenna for 866MHz and 915 MHz are not the same. Order for the correct one.

2x DRF1276DM

2 x UART to USB converter ,( i use CP2102 STC based uart to usb conveter).

1 x Arduino microcontroller (like Arduino mini pro 3.3V 8Mhz,Arduino Uno,Arduino Mega 2560).

1x DHT11 Humidity & Temperature Sensor.

You need some wires then.

1x RASPBERRY Pi 2 or 3.

3x Resistor 10k.

2x Resistor 20k.

1x Breadboard. Wire or copper wire (0.7mm) for the breadboard.

Step 2: Setup a Lora Module

Before use these modules, a few configuration must be done. There is a special configuration tool from Dorji.

Download the tool from Below .

Connect DRF1276DM with the uart to usb converter (CP2102 STC). See picture ( figure -01 ) for correct connection.

Install the program and click open then select the correct Com port. Take over for both Lora modules exact the same values shown in the picture above. Set Baud rate at 9600. Select standard in RF_mode on both DRF1276DM Module which is use in node and gateway.

Open RF Frequency and write a communication frequency .The frequency depends which zone you are. With the DRF1276DM the frequency should be 868Mhz for Eur or USA and 866 for INDIA . With the DRF1278DM the frequency should be 433Mhz for Asian. Select RF_mode , according to requirement of communication .

Step 3: MAKE a LoRa NODE WITH Arduino MCU AND DRF1276DM Module

Take a breadboard and place all the components on this board ( Show as Figure ).You use Arduino programming cable for give power to Arduino controller and Use adaptor to give power to Arduino board ( Carefully, check the output voltage of adaptor).

Before Uploading the arduino program remove the DRF1276DN module from arduion board.After Uploading the arduino program connect the DRF1276DN module from arduion board (as show in Figure).

I use DHT11 sensor for transfer temperature data to node and gateway. You used any arduino sensor to the Node only done proper connection of sensor with the arduino board and upload a simple arduino sensor programming code. I use DHT11 sensor download the program below.


For make a gateway use Raspberry pi 2/3 with install image raspbian jessie. Connect Raspberry pi with Uart to usb conveter and DRF1276DM (connect as show in figure).Install the GTK TERM in your Raspberry pi by using following command .

Open terminal and enter command below.

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get upgrade

sudo apt-get install gtkterm

Step 5: Get Data From Node and Send Into Gateway

After making a Lora Node , Install Advance Serial Port Monitor in your computer.

Download from this link :

Connect the Lora Node with Computer by insert using Arduino programming cable ( connect Arduino programming cable to computer and Arduino ( Arduino connect with DRF1276DM).

Open the Advance serial port moniter, Select the correct com port and Baud rate of your Arduion Based Lora Node . After 20 sec , You see the sensor data on Advance Serial Port Monitor.

You see data on Advance Serial Port Monitor that mean Your Node is working good .if you not see any sensor data .Check you connection of Arduino Board with DRF1276DM and try again.

Open Gtkterm on Raspberry pi By enter (gtkterm) command on the terminal. connect DRF1276DM with uart to usb conveter (show in figure).

select configuration bar , select Port in configuration bar . select correct port and baud rate.

Connect Arduino based lora node with power supply .

After 1min you see sensor data of node on gtkterm .

Congratulation Your Lora Node and Lora Gateway are ready to use.

if you not see any sensor data check you connection (as shown in figure)and try again.

Step 6: How Sleep and Wake Up the Lora Module(DRF1276DM)

When EN Pin of your DRF1276Dm module connect on GND (Ground of Arduion Board) . Your Lora Node is Wake and work properlly.

If you what to sleep the lora module them connect the EN pin with 3.3v and less for give a logic current to the module.

you connect the EN pin to GND .you module is wake up.