Introduction: Make Lucid Dream Mask Under 1$ Using Attiny13 Wich Designed Pcb

he lucid dream mask use some led wich blinks ,that help you to control your dreams

Step 1: Design Pcb

First we have do design pcb I made using permanent marker if you want to make pcb using permanent marker you can use the schematic but if you want to order pcb in or wich cnc machine you can use Gerber file or if you want to use photosensitivity dry mask the you have the schematic ready to print .

if you using photosensitivity mask pcb or permanent marker for pcb for etching pcb you can use Hydrogen Peroxide and HCl acid

Step 2: Programming

To programming attiny we will use arduino uno .

you have to install attiny library and open arduino go to tools ,programmer and select arduino as isp. upload ArduinoISP . select attiny13 to tools board . connect led in pin 1,2,3,4 of attiny chip.